Saturday, July 9, 2011

Glamcor - Glamour First Impression Primer

Glamcor is a newest and greatest company to join the beauty world. Shana King and Eric Kaiser are passionate and knowledgeable about the industry, and they are just nice people!  The have products for the make up artist, they have bags, light kits (wonderful), brushes (to die for), make up stations (on my wish list) and now they are venturing into cosmetics. The first product is called  GLAMOUR FIRST IMPRESSION Performance Primer

From their website:
      30ml      $38.00   When paired with our CONTOUR Brush we guarantee our primer will be the highest performing primer in the industry. The formula is hyper light, silky, 100% translucent, and will decrease the amount of cosmetics applications you need during the day.GLAMCOR considers skin primer the most critical step in the makeup application process. Our formula is designed to be the HIGHEST PERFORMING PRIMER IN THE INDUSTRY.
GLAMOUR FIRST IMPRESSION allows foundation to go on smoother and more evenly resulting in better looking and longer-lasting finishes.This product will not compete with foundations, shadows, or other cosmetic product. You will not have that oily shine later in the day, and your makeup payoff will increase significantly. It dries quickly (we recommend a dry time on 30 seconds before applying cosmetics on top).
****This formula can be applied by hand or brush. FOR THE ULTIMATE FINISH apply the primer with our GLAMCOR CONTOUR BRUSH to achieve the highest performing system. It has specifically been designed be further enhanced with the CONTOUR Brush.****

Well I love primers so of course I had to try this out. It is silicone based, for reference like Smashbox. but not as slick. It is clear and dries matte and smooth, not tacky or sticky at all.  So I tested it all week with our mineral foundation. Well when you apply the minerals they stay where they are applied!! You can buff them smooth, but you get  good coverage with the primer under neath. They lasted all day with blush and finishing powder over it. No creeping, no streaking. no cracking. I applied the primer with my fingers. Today I used our cream foundation over it, so far looks like I just put it on (has been 7 hours so far).

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Make up Show Chicago

I am a little behind in my blogging. So here goes. This was the first year that The Famous Make up Show came to Chicago. Thanks to the amazing, talented and funny James Vincent!!  It was a hit to say the least. Lots of great brand names like Inglot, Smashbox, Stila, Make up Forever, Embroylisse attended. Lots of make up artists talking about the industry, giving us insider tips and trick. There were workshop, seminars, education and of course shopping.  Some of the keynote speakers were Michael DeVellis, Crystal Wright, Joanna Schlip, Jinny Houle, Sam Fine, Reggie Wells, Johnny Lavoy and Maurice Stein. They had an all day workshop presented by one of the best Orlando Santiago.
Where can you take classes by these famous people Danessa Myricks, Kathy Argon, Johnny Lavoy, Jon Hennessey Eugenia Weston and  AJ Crimson.  You can ask them questions and pick their brains for their knowledge. I met so many wonderful and talented people like Jennifer James, Sherry Blossom, SanTara Cassmajor, Viola Nicholson and so many more I can't remember. Met friends from twitter which was so much fun. Saw old friend and made some new friends.      
   Here is some information on the