Saturday, November 27, 2010

Will this break me out???

I see this question time and time again, posted on forums, and other places.  Well in my opinion there is no set answer.  The girls who answer these questions as to what they use and don't use, will it help, well maybe. They will tell you what they like and what it has done or not have done to their faces.  Just because girl X can't use a foundation with  bismuth oxychloride in it doesn't mean that you can't, or that mica, titanium dioxide so on breaks out girl Y skin, or makes it itch doesn't mean it will do it to you.  You have to try it and see if it works for you or not. A lot has to do with the way the products are made and what the company uses and their percentages. Most mineral make up companies use the same ingredients, so why does one work for some and some don't, wish I could give you an answer. When we reformulated our foundation, there were things that didn't work on my skin, I cannot wear a foundation that is heavy on titanium dioxides, I break out, or magnesium stearate in eye shadows, a lot of companies use this and made my eyes itch, so we don't use it in our line but this doesn't mean that it doesn't work for others.
Also take into consideration your skin care, maybe what they are using is reacting to their skin care, there are a lot of things that can make them not work, or not.   I couldn't use a foundation that had bismuth in it made me itch and I had a glow to my skin, not pretty. Then I  switched to another foundation loved it worked beautifully, come to find out it also had bismuth in it, but I had none of the problems with that one as I did with the other. If I went into it with the fact in my head that all items with bismuth are going to make me itch, I would never have had tried this one. So what I am getting at just because one brand doesn't work doesn't mean another won't so don't limit yourself.  Or that this girl said that this is no good for her skin, doesn't mean it will be for yours.  This is why most companies offer samples to try out or if you go to a department store and have to get a full size, make sure you check their return policy to see if you can return it if you get a reaction or don't like it. Why be stuck with something you can't use.  Have fun sampling and make your own decision as to what is good for you and what you like!  

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Colorful Holiday Sale

Fusion of Color is pleased to announce it's COLORFUL Holiday Sale
                           From  11/25/10 to 11/28/10
                          We are having a 10% Off Sale
               which will automatically come off at checkout
                   (some items are exempt from the sale)
          and to top it off  FREE SHIPPING, Use coupon code
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Highlighting and Contouring the face

Contouring and Highlighting

With contouring and highlight, remember highlighting brings the areas forward and draws attention to that part of the face. Contouring recedes the areas. Contouring gives your face shape and depth. You can alter your face shape with highlight and contouring tricks.
Contour your cheek bones. add a little bronzer and or a shade darker foundation or even eye shadow below your cheek bone, from the hairline to towards the apples of your cheek, in a wedge-like shape. This trick is especially good for women who have very round faces. You can find your cheek bone by sucking in your cheeks and put the color in the hollow of the face. Contouring is all about reshaping your face and giving it sharper edges. On the top of the cheek you can add highlighter, apply your blush between both of these and blend, blend, blend. Make sure you see no harsh lines.
To bring areas of your face forward, emphasizing them, do the opposite to contouring and use a highlighter a bit lighter than your skin color. The areas you want to do this to are the top of the cheek bones, and the center of your eyelids. When it comes to your lips, dab a lighter lip shade or a shimmery powder or lip gloss just in the middle of them.

Round face is fuller and usually stays younger looking longer  than the other face shapes. It's shorter, fairly wide, with full cheeks and a rounded chin.Highlight your forehead, underneath the eyes just on top of the cheekbones, and the center of your chin to draw attention to the center of your face.
Contour your temples, cheeks, and jawline with a bronzer or powder or cream  that is one or two levels darker than your skin tone to create the appearance of an oval face. Make sure you blend, blend, blend.
Check the darker colors to make sure you do not have harsh lines, do not use anything that is too dark for your skin.

Long face shaped face has high cheekbones, a high, deep forehead and a strong, sharp, chiseled jawline. Never highlight or contour your face. This will only make your face look longer. Brush a bit of bronzer or dark color foundation across your chin to help shorten its length. Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. This will help widen and shorten your face. When applying your blush, start closer in on the apples of the cheeks and brush outward across the face.

Pear Face shaped face is narrow at the temples and forehead and wider at the cheeks and jawline. Highlight your forehead to create the illusion of width, and highlight underneath the eyes on top of the cheekbones and the tip of your chin. Contour the jawline and the cheeks to minimize their width.

Square Face is the same width at the forehead, the cheeks and the jaw. Highlight down the center of your forehead, underneath the eyes just on top of the cheekbones, and the tip of your chin to draw attention to the middle of your face. Contour your hairline at the two corners by your temples and the jaw at the two corners. Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks to this will draw attention away from the corners of the square and help widen the area and make it appear more oval.

Oval Face is considered by most to be the perfect facial shape It is usually broader at the cheeks, tapering in slightly at both the forehead and the chin. You do not need to contour and highlight your face.
To make a wide or very round forehead appear narrower, shade just the temples or sides of the forehead.

To slim your nose you would apply the contouring shade on each side blending carefully, and the highlighter down the center of your nose.

If you want your nose to appear shorter. Shade the underside of the tip of your nose.

For a small, thin chin, apply highlighter to the center of the chin, directly under the center of the lip. To minimize a double chin, apply a darker foundation shade (don’t go to dark) along the jaw line and blend it down, towards your neck. This creates depth and helps to strengthen the jaw line.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why Use Mineral Cosmetics

Fusion of Color’s Mineral Cosmetics makes you face look amazing, natural and they are so easy to use.
Fusion of Color Cosmetics are created from real minerals taken directly from the earth. These minerals are then processed into a fine powder and mixed with natural inorganic colors to produce a wide variety of colors. It does not matter what skin tone you have, from very light porcelain to a dark undertone and every shade in between, there is a mineral cosmetic that can perfectly match your skin. They last all day, with generally no need for touching up.
The main ingredients in mineral cosmetics are inorganic. Simply stated  there is no organic material in it to grow bacteria.  Also, with the use of inorganic ingredients in the make up it has a very long and stable shelf life. Mineral makeup is the best to use  because it adheres to the natural oils in a person's skin and doesn't seep into the pores. We use the finest ingredients available in making our cosmetics. Our natural mineral makeup is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and does not contain bismuth. Our natural mineral make up only contains ingredients that are good for your skin. The mineral cosmetics form a protective barrier while allowing your skin to breathe.
The benefits of using natural mineral cosmetics is what makes them so popular today.
Fusion of Color mineral cosmetics will not clog the pores of your skin due to the fact that mineral make up allows the skin to breathe through the makeup. Fusion of Color’s line of cosmetics are the perfect solution for the woman who suffers from sensitive skin or skin that easily clogs.  
Fusion of Color mineral cosmetics are light and airy when applied. You do not feel like you are wearing a mask or a heavy layer of make-up that you feel when using other non-mineral make up products. Mineral make up has a weightless feeling that many women say feels like they are not wearing any make up at all.  Women with oily skin find that mineral make up to be a good foundation for their skin issues. Since mineral cosmetics have no oil in them it makes a perfect solution for oily skin.
Some of the ingredients in Fusion of Color Cosmetics help absorb the oil in the skin keeping it looking fresh all day.  

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Exclusive Jeune D'Age Facial Moisturizing Creme

The  Facial  Moisturizing Creme is a brand new product by Jeune D' Age. It will only be carried at select locations. not on their website. Well I didn't know what to expect, since I did not sample it. But as with all their products I knew this one would be a winner. I got my package on Thursday, it comes in a dark brown glass jar  2 oz. (will get a picture later)  so I opened the jar and was pleasantly surprised that it was a a nice creme consistency. I am not a big fan of liquid type moisturizers. I love the feel of a rich, heavy creme. So of course had to try it, put some on my hand, soaked in nicely and left my hand soft and not greasy, another I hate anything that feels greasy. I used it that night alone with out the serum under it. In the morning my face felt soft and smooth. I have not used it under make up yet but will this week. I think this is a winner.  When you apply it to your face and you don't need much. it leaves a nice soft feel to the skin.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ryka Fitness Walking Shoe

For some reason I am into walking, fitness, exercise shoes lately.  Don't ask me I don't do any of those things LOL!! I was  watching QVC and saw the Ryka Fitness Walking Shoe as a TSV. These shoes are one of those tone as you walk version. This is the information from QVC:

 Tone while you walk. Whether you're walking as part of your daily workout or just as part of your daily life, these Ryka fitness walking shoes help you get more out of every step--and you can get them here first! They're exclusive to QVC until 10/15/2010.

On-trend treads. When it comes to footwear, the fitness shoe is the next big thing. If you've been thinking about trying a pair, now is the time to step up. Great for any beginner who wants to introduce exercise into her lifestyle, these Rykas are also ideal for the active woman who wants to expend a little more energy during her existing walking routine.
These shoes rock! Featuring rocker technology, the soles of these shoes have a negative heel that makes you work harder to move forward versus a traditional Ryka walking shoe. When your heel hits the ground, you'll feel a stretch in your Achilles tendon and calf that goes all the way up the back of your body. Then, as your foot is propelled forward, you'll experience the same comfort and support of a traditional Ryka walking shoe.

So they arrive and sit in the box for a week. This week end I decide well let me try them out and see if they are going back.  They fit really well, so I am impressed.  I take off on my walk, yes they have a different feel to them, they do rock, I figure ok I am probably going to trip and fall walking with these on, so first trip around the park, I got the feel of them, after the third trip around the park, the back of my leg and my butt was getting sore. Ok these are a keeper, wore them today for my walk and they are soooo comfortable, even wore them when I walked Rosie. 
Ladies if you were thinking about these, give them a try they work and you can always send them back.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Argan Oil

We have a new item from Jeuene D'Age 100% Pure Argan Oil. I have been using it a night for about a week now. My face feels very smooth and my under eye lines look pretty dang good!!  I have been using it in place of my eye cream.  This is a good oil to use after the pumpkin peel to complete your facial. I have also been using it on my hands and my arms for a moisturizer and around my nails.  My arms and hands do not look as dry so I will continue to use this and see what happens. I am hoping this helps my nails, my nails are very dry they split and crack a lot.  So I will keep you all updated on this wonderful new oil.

Here is some information on Argan Oil
Apply in small amounts. Argan oil is a complex blend of natural compounds like fatty acids (80%), polyphenols, antioxidants, carotenoids and other acids. Benefits of Argan oil for the health and treatment of the skin are:

Argan oil fights wrinkles due to premature aging, in particular crow’s feet (wrinkles under the eyes).

The presence of Squalene helps keep skin soft. Due to degeneration our skin loses its softness and tightness which are one of the most apparent symptoms of aging. Argan oil fights against these degeneration effects.

Because of the abundance of Vitamin E, much more than other natural oils, Argan oil is good for reducing skin irritation and minor ailments.

Great as a simple moisturizer in small amounts.

Argan oil helps to regulate sebum production and keeps it to a manageable level which makes it just as good for oily skin. Sebum is the substance secreted by sebaceous glands, which keeps the skin wet and protects against dryness. But in excess, sebum is bad for the skin and can cause acne.

Argan oil helps to prevent stretch marks on skin made by pregnancy.

Argan oil is frequently used in the treatment of skin conditions like Acne, Chickenpox and Psoriasis.

Because of the protein content the oil is also very good for the elasticity of skin. It strengthens the protein bonding structures in the skin that works to tighten the skin.

Also great for cuticles, the oil gives strength to weak nails. It can also strengthen the delicate skin at the root of nails and makes it smooth.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This weeks recap!!

Hi Everyone
I am sure everyone has had enough of this heat and humidity. We have been a little busy this week. We got in out new shipment of Juene D'Age Skin Care, new package very classy!! We will be talking about the 2 new products in the next few weeks. One of them we will talk about today, the Acne Cleanser, I do not have acne but of course I test out everything, to make sure we are selling you a good product.  Since I was up so early this AM, I am still trying to make WOC foundations, these have been a project for me.  I just don't want to throw something together and give you a so so product.  But I think I've got it. I am going to have a WOC ladies day here at the house to test out the colors, so I am hoping I have some winners in the bunch. But getting back to the Acne Cleanser.  I am also testing out some new brushes, will be talking about those also in the upcoming weeks.  I was testing one of the new brushes this am to see it's versatility.  I did my foundation, blush and finishing powder with it.  I was told that I do not make BRIGHT eye shadows, so these will be coming down the line shortly.  So I made a yellow one this AM called Lemon Zest. I have that on my eye lids. I put that one with no primer under it to see how long it will last on just skin. So far it has been on since 8:30 AM. I needed to see how a couple of the new WOC foundations apply, making sure they aren't to draggy, since I have no one to test them on, the victim was ME.  A wonderful look of Bright Yellow Shadows, some of my foundation and blush and partially dark foundation colors on each cheek.
I needed to wash my face and thought a good test for the Acne Cleanser, took 5-6 pumps in my my fingers rubbed them together, applied it to my face it was very creamy, then I just dampened my fingers and applied the wet fingers to the cleanser on my face, the acne cleanser took off all that make up!!  I followed it up with the Marin Toner and not a trace of dark foundation left on my face, did not dry out my face either. So first impression is a good one.

In the next few weeks we will be reviewing the new brushes and the new Argan Oil.

Have a great rest of the week end!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Reverse in time into the history of Mineral Make up

Reverse in Time into The History of Mineral Makeup

By: donnakelly12

Mineral cosmetics did not just appear out of nowhere or is simply a recent discovery. Although, mineral makeup is still not manufactured, it's increasingly getting popular among ladies. Given that the majority of people presently are paying significantly more attention to their chemical intake and its effects on the physique, there is now a trend on healthy way of life.

Actually, the use of minerals may be traced back into the time of historical Egyptians. Egyptians take pride on their appearance. For them to become close to their gods, they ought to be stunning.

What sort of mineral do they use for their make-up?

Their eye cosmetics was mostly consisted of malachite, green ore of copper and kohl. Galena is also employed for the eyes. This eye cosmetics also served as eye protectors from the hot and reflective rays of the sunlight within the desert. Their red lips would come from the red ochre. Exactly the same minerals are used for giving color towards cheeks. Each mineral made use of would come from a different place. Malachite came from the Nile valley, although galena would come from upper Egypt as well as the Red Sea.

Early Egyptians also thought that make-up is not just means of attaining higher spirituality, they are likewise employed for practical reasons. Malachite and galena are both made use of as eye protectors. Whilst you will find others employed for their ability to repel insects and help the body adapt to climate changes. Apart from this, ancient Egyptians thought that black make-up can drive evil sprits away.

Romans didn't associate looks to their religious beliefs. But they were already using make-up like lip rouge and blush for the cheeks.

Ancient Greeks also used mineral cosmetics because they wanted being close to the gods. In Greece, historical females who belong in the high class rarely go out and get exposed to the sun. That's why women with pale skin are regarded extremely, so they started making use of makeup to produce the skin appear pale.

Greek girls would use honey and olive oil to keep their skin's moisture. Olive oil is also an element of their eye enhancement make-up together with charcoal. Lip rouge are from mixture of redding and bees wax. This primitive lip rouge evolved in ochre clay and red iron, making it a minute harder and simpler to apply to their lips

In the east, Chinese and Japanese were likewise applying cosmetics to their faces. Japanese geisha would paint their faces white and outline their eyebrows with charcoal. Basically, this did not happen in Asia only. In Europe, aristocrats would put powders in their faces. The idea is that this would separate them from the frequent, working class.

The 19th century signaled an alternative approach to cosmetics. Since pale complexion is a proof of aristocracy, much more men and women are attempting to appear pale. They would use hydroxide carbonate which regrettably, has negative and toxic issues with the entire body. Later , zinc oxide replaced the toxic substance.

Aside from class distinction, cosmetics was started out to be used to get a younger look. This helped them deceive persons of their true age. Powdered paper became favorite. They had been used with the same purpose of current powders, they were put to use to remove the shine.

World War II slowed the manufacturing and increase in makeup. There are now many more important things that these things. But after the war, the cosmetic market began to recoup and never looked back. More and more women, and in addition men, started off to buy cosmetics to raise and enhance their physical features.

During the 1970s, a different trend begun to materialize. Mineral make-up which consists pure and fine minerals were applied straight to the face. This mineral makeup didn't undergo any chemical procedure which would inject chemical substances and preservatives. Hitherto, this market is continually growing.

About the Author

For more information about beauty and useful tips for all ages, visit and check out best cosmetic products.
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Article Source: - Reverse in Time into The History of Mineral Makeup

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lancome Genifique Update

So here is my update on Lancome Genifique, nice products. Did I see a difference in 7 days NO!!
The eye cream is very nice, kept my eyes moisturized, didn't interfere with make up. The serum is rich and luxurious, sank into the skin. My skin did feel nice and soft.  They do have some fragrance to them, don't know why skin care companies do that. Nothing bad but has a slight fragrance.  
Is it worth the money, I don't know. I am sure if you looked around you could find something less expensive to do the same thing.  

Will find more thing to review, I have some new Embroylisse creams. Love this company. I also have some brand new Adesign brushes coming in to test out.

Have an nice 4th of July Holiday!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lancome Genifique Review

Hi Everyone,
It has been a while since I have posted anything.  Haven't tried anything new to report on.
I was watching HSN and they had a Lancome Genifique TSV, so I watched the shows and of course I ordered it.  I have used Lancome years and years ago. The kit contains serum called Youth Activating
Concentrate is suppose yo give you younger looking skin in 7 days!!
  Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate 1 oz.
Youth is in your genes. Reactivate it.(1) Discover the skin you were born to have. Lancome invents the first skin care that boosts the activity of genes.(2) 10 Years of Research 7 International Patents. At the very origin of your skins youth: your genes. Genes produce specific proteins, that can be found on the skins surface. These proteins are the skins signature of youth. With age, their presence diminishes. Introducing Genifique. Now, boost genes activity and stimulate the production of youth proteins.(3) Drop by drop, skin is infused with life. Vibrant with youth, skin looks as if lit from within breathtakingly radiant. Its youthful quality returns: cushiony soft and velvety to the touch. See visibly younger skin in just 7 days.
You use it AM and PM under your regular skin care.

 The kit also came with Genifique Eye Cream
Lancome GENIFIQUE EYE Youth Activating Eye Concentrate
patents to its name, this revolutionary solution boosts production of 'youth proteins' to reverse the signs of aging. Drop by drop, skin is infused with life, taking on a more refined texture and a breathtaking, lit-from-within look.What else you need to know: - Youth is in your genes. Reactivate it.¹- Today, for every woman, Lancôme invents our first eye care that boosts the activity of genes.²- This formula stimulates the genes to increase production of youth proteins.- Ten years of research, including in vitro studies on 4,400 genes and 1,300 proteins, as well as clinical tests, have pinpointed key youth proteins that are associated with the complexion's youthful qualities.- See brighter eyes in just seven days.¹ Activate skin's youthful look.² In vitro test on genes.
Also a small packet of GENIFIQUE Repair this is a new item, wish the sample was larger but will try it.
So tonight is the day1 of this trial, so hopefully in a week I won't have any wrinkles LOL!!! and if I am lucky maybe look 10 years younger, heck I take 5!!

So see you all back here in a week to find out the results.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Stories

Hope everyone has a great day!!!  Tell us something about your Mother that you like doing together If your mom is no longer with you tell us a memory you have of her. My Mom is no longer with us she has been gone 22 years,  but one thing I remember when I was little, maybe in kindergarten or before, she liked to sing so I would follow her around the house (I think when she was cleaning) and sing songs in Italian . I still remember part of one.  Tell us your stories.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Face Charts

This is our first attempt to show you how to apply the Summer Collection. This set is very versatile.
Left eye has Champagne Matte as a base, then Surf Lined about the lash line and Tan lines lined about that you can do it either wet or dry and smudge as you like. Cheeks we did a mix of Summer of Love Blush with a bit of Tan Lines.
Right Side: Eye is a base matte color (light) your choice, with Surf on the lid, Tan Lines in the crease, highlight color of your choice and lined with Tan Lines wet.  Cheeks are Tan lines in the hollow of the cheek with Summer of Love Blush over it
Lips are Summer Mist Lipstick 

Left Eye:  Dawn Matte Shadow All Over, Tan lines in Crease and on lid. Cheeks Summer of Love Blush
Lips: Walk in the Park Lipstick
Right Eye: Got a little crazy here, Matte Base Color (Light) Sand applied all over lightly, Surf on top of lash line, Tan Lines in crease and Sand under brow area.  Cheeks a mix of Summer of Love Blush with Sand.
Lips Walk in the Park Lipstick

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Now that we cleaned our brushes time to do our faces!!!

Now that our brushes are clean, let's not forget the most important part our face!!

You need to get that make up off at night, you shouldn't sleep in your make up, I don't care how tired you are get that make up off your face.  There are a lot of good products on the market to clean the make up off. I love cold cream, some others are (these are my favs) Philosophy Purity Made Simple, gets off everything, then I use the  The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash in the AM. I use the Purity Made Simple with the other favorite cannot live with out item the Clarisonic.
I only use the Clarisonic at night to take off the make up and my skin has never looked better.  Another good cleanser of course is Première Cleanser (93% Organic) from jeune d' âge organics. You can also just use the toner pads Marin Toner (98% Organic) in the morning to clean off the night residue/dirt on your skin.

We think that a good mask at least once a week is a must for good skin, again there are so many on the market in different price points. We have been using and do recommend the Pumpkin Masque, it cleans your skin and your face looks so refreshed and smooth.  Experiment with them for your skin type and find one that you like and take one day a week for your special SPA day at home. Treat yourself,  your skin wll thank you for it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring is here time to clean your brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your brushes????? With the arrival of spring and all the new colors in make up that are being introduced, you have to make sure your brushes are clean!!!

So here is some information on cleaning your brushes,one of my best friends Tiffany (a wonderful talented make up artist) put this together. So if you haven't cleaned your brushes recently, look at this and it will help you get them clean and last a long time.
So...when was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Did you know that you should wash them and do it on a regular basis? If you don't you might have a science experiment on bacterial growth in your hands and on your face and not even know it! If you can't remember the last time you've washed your brushes, you're experiencing unusual new breakouts or your brushes just look really beat up and neglected it's time to give them some TLC and a good cleaning.

There are several ways to clean your brushes using various products. Whatever you use don't immerse your brushes underwater from the metal (ferrule) part up. Only the brush hair should get wet, nothing else. Another important thing is to choose whatever product you would feel comfortable using on your face to clean your brushes. If you have very sensitive or anemic skin you probably wouldn't cleanse your face with your hair shampoo, Woolite, dish soap, hand soap, etc. so you may not want to use it on your brushes either.
You can use shampoo and conditioner especially on natural hair brushes. This is a great way to thoroughly clean and conditions your brushes but make sure to choose products that will not leave behind any residue. Just fill up a bowl or your sink with lukewarm water (keep it shallow) and shampoo. Take each brush one at a time and only immerse the brush hairs into the soapy water. Swish until all the makeup comes out. Once they are all clean rinse them with clean water, gently squeeze out the excess water and lay flat to dry on top of a towel. It's very important to never dry a wet brush standing up because water/moisture will trickle down and loosen up the glue that holds the brush hairs to the handle. Over time your brush will shed more and the ferrule/metal will loosen away from the handle shortening the lifespan of your expensive brush! This method will require time for your brushes to dry completely so do it at night so they will be dry by morning.

You can also use a makeup brush cleaner that works and dries instantly. Cinema Secrets is by far a very good one because you literally use teensy droplets of the cleaner and it instantly disinfects, removes all traces of makeup/residue and also conditions your brushes. It's a professional strength product that is extremely concentrated so it truly lasts a very, very, long time especially for personal use. FYI, there is a very subtle vanilla scent to the cleaner that dissipates quickly after you clean your brushes. It doesn't linger for long unless you use too much product. Remember it's highly concentrated so don't waste it by using too much!

How do you use Cinema Secrets brush cleaner? You can actually use it in two different ways. One way to use it most is to dispense a small amount into a little bowl like a glass or stainless steel pinch bowl, those little glass bowls nail techs use for their acrylic nail stuff or any small shallow bowl with sides to it. You're going to need this for your small brushes. For your larger brushes a suggestion is using a small spray bottle but be careful as not all spray bottles especially most plastics will work with this cleaner. It has to be a brush cleaner spray bottle (Japonesque/Parian Spirit works great) because this stuff breaks down some plastics after you keep cleaner in their for a few weeks. Better yet, get one of these ingenious brush cleaner dispensers! It's what the pros use!

So with your little bowl and your small brushes (brow, eyes, liner, etc) you're going to barely dip the very tips of the brush into the cleaner. DO NOT DUNK!! All you need to do is touch the very tip to the cleaner and then go back and forth on a lint-free paper towel or micro fiber cloth until all the color comes out. That's it! Again the key is to not soak the brush hairs into the cleaner.

For the larger brushes (cheek and face) spray the brush on both sides of the brush and go back and forth on paper towel or micro fiber cloth. If you're cleaning off cream products or water resistant/proof gel liners you may have to use a little more product.
If your brushes are really dirty or you prefer to shampoo them you can create a brush cleaner bath which is the second way you can use Cinema Secrets. Mix 1 part cleaner with three parts water and soak/swirl the brush in the solution for no more than 30 seconds. Rinse clean with lukewarm water and lay flat to dry. Foundation, concealer and lip, basically synthetic hair brushes tend to hold onto a lot of the residue inside the brush so make sure to look to see that all the product is cleaned out towards the center of the brush.

You can order Cinema Secrets brush cleaner online at or at High quality makeup brushes are an investment so take good care of them and they will last you for years and years.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Timepeel Natural Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine

As you all know I love skin care gadgets, I try everything!! I do get professional Microdermabrasions done with the crystals, love they way my face looks afterward. So I thought hmmmm wonder if I can do this at home. So after some googling and research I found this machine The Timepeel
So I ordered it, comes very nicely packaged, instructions included, free gift, who doesn't like that.

I read the instructions, how about that one I don't read them until I screw something up. Set the machine up, simple to use. Did my face in sections at different speeds according the the booklet.  Used the facial toner that came with the unit afterward to get off the residue left behind or you can use whatever toner you want I would think.
Took the wand tip apart to check the wool pad that you have to put inside to catch what comes off your face, holy cow it was loaded with stuff!!!!  What I like about this machine compared to the one sold on QVC (yes bought that one also to compare) the head that goes on your face is smaller and I think you can control it better and I can get into the side of my nose and my chin much better than the competitor.
The competitor has more speeds and more things that come along with the unit and is less money than this one, but I think this one for myself does a better job.  So if you are looking for something to do in your home this works better good.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Jars!!

I keep promising you new jars, well they still aren't here LOL!!
 (I think this guy has them on his boat)

So I don't know when the jars will arrive. But in the meantime I did get some  that are not printed with our name. So they are on their way to us and I have to get different size labels for them. As soon as I have them in my hand I will post a picture of them, and I think you are going to like the new jars

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Matte Eye Shadows

We have a few new items on the site, but these are my favorite for right now at least. I like a matte base to put on after primer on my lids.  You can use foundation, finishing powder, whatever works for you. I like using  matte eye shadow.  This give you a nice base for your color, this keeps (at least for me) the shimmer shadows down to a nice low shimmer look. Fusion of Color doesn't do really shimmery/sparkly eyeshadows anyway, but for me this just look better on my eyes. The new colors are Dawn (Light Pink), Bone (Light Beige) and a mix of the 2 (made this by accident) Bisque (Light Beige/Pink).

  We have a few new shimmer colors Lemon Drop (light shimery yellow), Spirit a bit darker light shimmery yellow, Ice Fairy (cool shimmer blue) and Dusty this one is hard to tell, looks gray, then looks taupe, has a hint of green. I like this for a smoky eye and for lining.  We have made our first new Spring Blush, since coral will be big this Spring - Summer Season, we made a coral blush, that is still in the testing stage.  So look out for that one!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All, another year has gone by and didn't keep any of my resolutions.
This year I am keeping one, I am going to get rid of some of this weight and start exercising again.
I bought a Wii system with the Wii fit plus at the beginning of December, did a little on it, then the holidays came, so of course good excuse not to do it and eat.  So now I am going back to keep a regular routine. Let me start by saying I am out of shape!!! I started this week with the wii resort games love them. Saturday I got the wii fit plus out and started that again, well I didn't gain any weight nor did I lose any. I also have the fitness coach game, did that today. I didn't think I would get thru the beginning routine where they take your
information, so you know where you began.
Well I didn't need them to tell me how bad of shape I am in LOL!!!
 I am going to do it 3 x's a week for 15 min at a time to start, enough for me. Did the first one today, boy that was a long 15 minutes, but I made it thru the routine and didn't die.  Well be posting my updates so I stay accountably, if you want to join me on this quest for fitness, join in we can do it together. You know they say misery loves company.  Let me know your fitness routine and goals, we can exchange stories and information and keep each other on the right track