Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Matte Eye Shadows

We have a few new items on the site, but these are my favorite for right now at least. I like a matte base to put on after primer on my lids.  You can use foundation, finishing powder, whatever works for you. I like using  matte eye shadow.  This give you a nice base for your color, this keeps (at least for me) the shimmer shadows down to a nice low shimmer look. Fusion of Color doesn't do really shimmery/sparkly eyeshadows anyway, but for me this just look better on my eyes. The new colors are Dawn (Light Pink), Bone (Light Beige) and a mix of the 2 (made this by accident) Bisque (Light Beige/Pink).

  We have a few new shimmer colors Lemon Drop (light shimery yellow), Spirit a bit darker light shimmery yellow, Ice Fairy (cool shimmer blue) and Dusty this one is hard to tell, looks gray, then looks taupe, has a hint of green. I like this for a smoky eye and for lining.  We have made our first new Spring Blush, since coral will be big this Spring - Summer Season, we made a coral blush, that is still in the testing stage.  So look out for that one!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All, another year has gone by and didn't keep any of my resolutions.
This year I am keeping one, I am going to get rid of some of this weight and start exercising again.
I bought a Wii system with the Wii fit plus at the beginning of December, did a little on it, then the holidays came, so of course good excuse not to do it and eat.  So now I am going back to keep a regular routine. Let me start by saying I am out of shape!!! I started this week with the wii resort games love them. Saturday I got the wii fit plus out and started that again, well I didn't gain any weight nor did I lose any. I also have the fitness coach game, did that today. I didn't think I would get thru the beginning routine where they take your
information, so you know where you began.
Well I didn't need them to tell me how bad of shape I am in LOL!!!
 I am going to do it 3 x's a week for 15 min at a time to start, enough for me. Did the first one today, boy that was a long 15 minutes, but I made it thru the routine and didn't die.  Well be posting my updates so I stay accountably, if you want to join me on this quest for fitness, join in we can do it together. You know they say misery loves company.  Let me know your fitness routine and goals, we can exchange stories and information and keep each other on the right track