Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit

We saw a review of the Brush Guard Cleaning Kit and as usual I had to try it out. I have been using the brush guards since they came out and love them, so I figured this has to be a good product.

I tried it today since I haven't washed my brushes in 2 weeks (yikes!!!) So took everything out of the box, you get a cleaning cup that has bumps on the bottom for rubbing your bristles to get out the dirt. A drying cup (genius) with a pack of brush guards, the brush cleaner and yes no smell like some others, and a blotting cloth.  I did read the directions, it takes a minute or so to loosen the 2 cups apart. So I wet my brushes and used a couple drops of the cleaner in the cup and rubbed the brushes in the cup it takes out all the makeup, even gel liner and lipstick. I did have to add a couple drops more of the cleaner as I cleaned my brushes, but you do not need much.  Then after you clean them with the cleaner, you rinse then  blot with the cloth provided and put a brush guard on them and then you put them bristles down on the drying cup, that is why you have to use the brush guard on them.

The only thing I an see as a drawback is that I use kabuki brushes and you cannot clean them in the cup, I have small hands and it just didn't work. A beauty blender sponge didn't work either. Other than that this is a great product and would make a good gift for someone that wears makeup and needs to clean their brushes.

You can find the kit at also get some extra brush guards they protect your brushes either in a drawer or in a brush roll.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Perfect Canvas Primer

Fusion of Color Cosmetics is pleased to announce a new product launch!!

You all know how much I love primers, so we created our very own primer. It is called Perfect Canvas Primer. It is a silicone based primer much like Smashbox, but we think better!  

For those that do not know what a primer does.
 1. creates a layer between makeup and your skin to protect your skin
2. smooths out your skin, so the makeup goes on smoother
3. since the makeup goes on smoother, it lasts longer

Perfect Canvas Primer does all that and help control oil in your skin.  I was told that by one of our Makeup Artists that tried the sample sent to her.

Perfect Canvas can be worn with mineral makeup, unlike some primers that ball up when used with mineral makeup.  I find that when I use the primer my mineral foundation just glides over it and looks amazing!

Perfect Canvas Primer is packaged in a 10 gram jar with a spatula, the jar contains approx .30 oz (maybe more)

You can find Perfect Canvas at Fusion of Color Cosmetic, we hope you try it, you won't be sorry.