Sunday, December 30, 2012

My favorite gadgets for 2012

You all know I love my gadgets, so these 2 are my favorite for 2012. The NutriBullet and The Food Saver Handheld.   I have a lot of kitchen appliances, love to try out new things. I do have a Vita Mix which its on a shelf so I thought why do I need the NutriBullet, so my rationing was since my husband has arthritis I can make him drinks for inflammation. I can come up with reason to buy anything LOL!!   I bought this from Target in case I didn't like it I could return it. So I finally got it and started making drinks and loved it. I am not a big vegetable eater or fruit eater. So I figure good way to get me to have these things. I have made a few drinks that were god awful, so when I make one I like I write it down. Do I feel better,  somewhat, maybe it is that I am thinking I am getting the nutrients I need and it can't hurt us.  So on to the Food Saver Handheld.  For me these 2 work hand in hand, I can use half and apple or half of this or that and seal it up for the next day. Also works great for keeping cheese after you open the package and  other perishables,  These were 2 good buys this year. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Name that Green Contest

The new color of the year for 2013 is GREEN. So we are having a Name that Green contest.
This will be the our new color of the year, it is an everyday color green, more of a cool green that a warm green color.   When you wet line it is does have a blue undertone and I have found out depending on the brush and the mixing medium you use it could be more of a green color than a bluish green.  For the contest like our facebook page and then tell us what the name should be.  I am going to have 1 section for the names, so please put them in that section. We will write them all down on pieces of paper and out them in a hat and Hubby will choose one. I will video it and announce the winner on 12/31/12. So you will win the color of the year and a eyeshadow brush.  So here is the color you will be naming!  

The brush that will go along with the shadow (the shadow will be our mini size .50 gm in a 3 gm jar)
is this one!  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Emerald City Look

Another beautiful new look by Nikki you can find more looks at her blog and you find her on facebbok   If you lioke her looks you can also order them at she has her own section with all her looks.

1. Apply a base colour all over lid up to the brow bone. I used Fusion of Colour "Bone".

2. With a stuff dome brush apply a mid-tone brown just in the crease. Blend slightly up. I used Fusion of Color "Twig".

3. With an angle brush I applied Fusion of Color "Pea Pod" on the inner lash line. Continue the liner with Fusion of Colour "Emerald City" and wing it out. Blended the two colours together where they meet.

4. Line water lines with black gel liner. I used "Blackest Black" by Maybelline. Smudge the same green tone e/s on the lower lash line that reflect the top liner.

5. With a small shadow brush pat on a light shimmer shadow to the pocket of the eye & to the highest point of the brow bone. This will brighten and make your eyes pop. I used Fusion of Color "Silk".

6. Apply your favorite mascara and your ready!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review of our Perfect Canvas Primer

I like to send products out to Makeup Artists and of course regular consumers to test them out for us. I sent Faith Haller a sample of our primer because I know she runs our products thru all kinds of testing. So here is her review of our Perfect Canvas Primer, she also came up with uses for it I never thought of! Her facebook page is and her website is  She does makeup and does graphics for if you need brochures, business cards and such check her out and if you need you make up done.

This Review is long overdo but I've had it long enough to test it in every way. This is a new Silicone Primer that I had the honor of trying from Fusion of Color. Thank you Kathy Hess Duncan for allowing me to test this. It's a true honor. So as I said I've tried this in many ways. Of course it's a primer that you use to apply before makeup. It gives a wonderful new canvas. It's a great line filler for those that may have wrinkles or an uneven surface it make it easy for your foundation to glide on and gives you a smooth finish and surface. I've used this in many ways. I've used it for my brows. I'm very particular about my brows and most times if not wearing makeup my brows will always be done. So for longevity I would apply this primer to my brow and whatever product I add on top whether it may be cream/gel/powder/wax whatever it may be this primer made it effortless to apply. Also it's a great way to lay stubborn hairs down with a spoolie. One of my main problem areas is around my nose and under my eyes. I have a natural bag under my eyes that I was born with. The Primer fills that area sort of like a new skin. And around my nose I've always had some form of irritation there. The texture would be a little rough even after exfoliation so adding primer there smooths everything. It's also good for removing shine and I use it as a lip primer. My lip products would last so long because of this primer. I absolutely love it and would recommend this product to anyone and would recommend that you add this to your kit. I've also used it sort of like a medium for mixing my powders which is nothing new. I've done this technique before but never with a primer like this. For those that don't like loose powders but you want the matte finish mixing your loose powders with this would help a lot.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit

We saw a review of the Brush Guard Cleaning Kit and as usual I had to try it out. I have been using the brush guards since they came out and love them, so I figured this has to be a good product.

I tried it today since I haven't washed my brushes in 2 weeks (yikes!!!) So took everything out of the box, you get a cleaning cup that has bumps on the bottom for rubbing your bristles to get out the dirt. A drying cup (genius) with a pack of brush guards, the brush cleaner and yes no smell like some others, and a blotting cloth.  I did read the directions, it takes a minute or so to loosen the 2 cups apart. So I wet my brushes and used a couple drops of the cleaner in the cup and rubbed the brushes in the cup it takes out all the makeup, even gel liner and lipstick. I did have to add a couple drops more of the cleaner as I cleaned my brushes, but you do not need much.  Then after you clean them with the cleaner, you rinse then  blot with the cloth provided and put a brush guard on them and then you put them bristles down on the drying cup, that is why you have to use the brush guard on them.

The only thing I an see as a drawback is that I use kabuki brushes and you cannot clean them in the cup, I have small hands and it just didn't work. A beauty blender sponge didn't work either. Other than that this is a great product and would make a good gift for someone that wears makeup and needs to clean their brushes.

You can find the kit at also get some extra brush guards they protect your brushes either in a drawer or in a brush roll.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Perfect Canvas Primer

Fusion of Color Cosmetics is pleased to announce a new product launch!!

You all know how much I love primers, so we created our very own primer. It is called Perfect Canvas Primer. It is a silicone based primer much like Smashbox, but we think better!  

For those that do not know what a primer does.
 1. creates a layer between makeup and your skin to protect your skin
2. smooths out your skin, so the makeup goes on smoother
3. since the makeup goes on smoother, it lasts longer

Perfect Canvas Primer does all that and help control oil in your skin.  I was told that by one of our Makeup Artists that tried the sample sent to her.

Perfect Canvas can be worn with mineral makeup, unlike some primers that ball up when used with mineral makeup.  I find that when I use the primer my mineral foundation just glides over it and looks amazing!

Perfect Canvas Primer is packaged in a 10 gram jar with a spatula, the jar contains approx .30 oz (maybe more)

You can find Perfect Canvas at Fusion of Color Cosmetic, we hope you try it, you won't be sorry.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Color Collection at Fusion of Color Cosmetics

Fusion of Color is proud to announce the  NEW 2012 Fall Color Collections, these collections have everything for a full face, 3 eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 lipstick, 1 lip gloss. The color are all made to co-ordinate together. We only offer it at the moment as a kit, we think it would make a great Holiday Gift for the makeup addict in your life!

 Collection 1 are warmer colors, more peachy pink and bronze colors. They are soft and light, very wearable for everyday. As all our products can be used wet or dry.  The blush in this collection Dramatic has gotten to be a favorite of mine. (click on picture it will take you to the product on the website)


Collection 2 the colors are more towards the cooler side and a bit darker than Collection 1. The lipstick in this collection looks very dark, but it isn't.  This collection also is very wearable for everyday and can be used wet or dry.  

Set the Stage Primer

When I hear Makeup Artist raving about products I have to check them out.   When they rave about a makeup primer my ears perk up. I love make up primers and if you wear make up you should be using a primer underneath it. Primers go over your moisturizers and before makeup, they smooth out lines, fill in pores and some acne marks, but their purpose is to give you a smooth surface and hold the make up on that you are applying.  I have tried a lot of primers and always go back to Smashbox or one I bought from a private label company.  So of course when I heard about Set the Stage Primer by Whip Hand Cosmetics of course I had to check it out. I met the owner in one of the forums I am on and I like to support other women in the business and women I talk to int he forums I am in. Well let me tell you this blows Smashbox out of the water, I don't know how Riese makes this but WOW!!

It is not a large container, but you do not need much.  I have been using mine since maybe end of August, September and it is half gone and I use it everyday and probably use more than I should. The price is 36.00 and yes I am sure you think that is way to much I can get other cheaper. Yes you can but this works and it is worth the money.

When you wear mineral foundation as I do, (and we hope you are wearing Fusion of Color Cosmetics foundation) some primers tend to change the color of it or make it streaky, cakey  of sometimes you have patches wear the primer grabs more than other places.  Well not this one, you do not need a lot and of course I probably use more than I should LOL!! You smooth it on your face and it just gives you that smooth, flawless canvas you need. Our foundation just glides over it and the results are long lasting, does not crease during the day and keeps the colors true. But we also make a great foundation!!
 Fusion of Color is hoping after the first of the year we can add this to our website, because we like to find products for you that work and do what they say.

You can get it at Whip Hand Cosmetics

Stilazzi Brushes

Frends Beauty Supply had a sales and of course I couldn't help getting new brushes. Since I love my Stilazzi Going Topless Case, I had to try their brushes. I got the Angle Brush,Smudge Brush,Sculpt Brush and Crease Brush. These brushes are well made, they have long handles (which I am not a fan of). They average 6 1/2" to 7" long. Since I generally only apply loose minerals,  I have found these brushes to work very well with them. They hold the minerals in the bristle, apply the color true to form. I do find some brushes change the color of the shadow I am working with.

The smudge brush I  use to do a softer liner and more of a smokey effect. I like the bristles are short and compact. 

The crease brush again dense bristles, soft not stiff bristles. I use this for apply in the crease, puts the minerals where you want then. You can do a precise line or a more blended line with this brush.

The Sculpt brush, I have only used this one so far to do the crease in my eye, haven't played with it much. The head of this brush is more round compared to the crease brush which is more tapered  As with the other brushes has shorter bristles and hold the minerals in the brush and is not a stiff brush.

Now my favorite brush the Angle brush, since everyone knows I am liner challenged among other things. This brush works wonderfully doing a thin line. The bristles are flat and angled and a little stiff but still soft enough not to hurt your eye. I use it wet to line with and the line comes out thin and crisp.  I have not used it yet on my brows but I am sure it would work well there also. I think if a MUA is looking for a brush to do precise lines this is the one.

They wash up well keep there shape, I do recommend these brushes if you are looking for some new ones to add to your set. 
You can find these brushes and lots of other things at Frends Beauty Supply

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stilazzi and Zuca Review

This review is to show the differences in the Stilazzi Makeup Case and the Zuca Pro Artist case. Both cases are awesome makeup cases. Watch the video and you will see the differences.  If you were thinking of getting one and not sure which to choose this may help you with your decision.

The London Brush Soap Review

We found this product at The Makeup Show Chicago along with a lot of other great products. The vendors at the show this year were amazing. But The London Brush Soap is my favorite item from the show this year. If you wear makeup and uses brush you have to clean your brushes at least once a week!!
This brush soap has got to be the best hands down the best I have used. I bought the Lemon. The scents are Lemon, Lavender and Natural. The scents are not overpowering they are light and clean smelling. Since I have bought this I am obsessed with washing my brushes now. 

Ingredients: Goats milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, olive butter & essential oils.
The soap comes in 2 sizes a 2 oz for $20.00 and a 1 oz for $14.00.

You wet your brush (with water) and then swish it around on the solid soap in the tub. You then rub the bristles between your fingers and rinse with water and the eyeshadow, foundation and concealer comes right out of the brush.You can use it on natural bristles or synthetics. I found that with my synthetic kabuki it takes me a couple try to get it clean, but it takes all the makeup out of the brush! Gel liners come out of the brush like magic so does lipstick. The soap leaves your brushes clean and soft, not like some cleaners can make them stiff and again NO HARSH smell like some other cleaners.  After your rinse them clean I take a towel and try and get more water out of them and then lay flat over the edge of your sink to dry. NEVER stand them up when they are wet.

The London Brush also have great brushes, we did get a few of those also and they are amazing!

You can find these items of course on The London Brush website and they also sell at different retailers so check that out also. Of course we will be selling the soap along with our brushes they go hand in hand. 

July Specials

Fusion of Color Cosmetic's July Specials are all Brushes are 15% off, Beauty Blenders are 20% off and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30.00. Check us out at Sign up for our newsletter so you stay updated on our specials and new items coming in.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Makeup Show Chicago 2012

The Makeup Show Chicago had lots of vendors this year. This show is a Make up Artist's dream.
I am going to review my favorite vendors, they were all wonderful and had awesome products to buy

Inglot has wonderful products, they have so much you don't know what to look at first. I heard they had colored mascara, so of course it was my second stop. this year they had order sheets to fill out to get your products, well you all know me, I don't like to wait LOL!! I got the attention of a darling girl and she helped me. Well I bought all colors sight unseen.  There are 5 colors Brown, Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Purple.
Well Inglot thought of everything the packaging is genius. The wording and lashes on the tube are the color of the mascara, so you can actual see what you are using. LOVE IT!

Senna Cosmetics another class company run by Eugenia Weston. A delightful, knowledgeable, approachable women. Her brow products are the best in the industry and are her other products.
She had a new brow palette that contains everything you will ever need. This and her brow fix and you are done.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is another first class company, the owner David Klasfeld has to be one of the nicest people ever!! He waited on me and told me about his new OCC Conceal items. I pre ordered them and got them this week. They are amazing as all OCC Products.  I also got a new OCC lip tar from the Blogger Event, it is an awesome red color called Radiate

A new vendor at the show was The London Brush Company, the owner (I have to apologize that I do not know her name) was so cute and the accent, to die for!  you had to like the products. Well the winner was the Brush Soap OMG! Everyone needs this brush cleaner, it is that awesome. I did get a few brush and they are really good.

The Boys from Frends Beauty Supply were a hit at the show with their Stilazzi Cases. Matt and Paul are both pretty darn good looking, which I am sure got all the ladies to their booth. But their cases are built for the makeup artist. Wonderful design and colors, of course I had to have one. I got the Going Topless in purple LOVE IT!!! You have to check out their website they have great products, besides the cases.
There were so many more great vendors at the show like one of my all time favorites Embryolisse.
Will do a more in detail blog post on the products I picked up at the show.
Now I understand that the show was packed BUT there we 2 vendors that were a bit snippy, MAC Pro and Make Up Forever. I know they were swamped both days but they don't need to talk down to their customers. I was not the only one that had a bad experience with them at least 5 girls said the same thing.   But all in all the show was AWESOME and cannot wait til next year.  My only other wish is that IMATS would come to the Midwest.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Makeup Show Chicago 2012

The windy city was host again to The Makeup Show Chicago. There were new vendors, new classes, new seminars. The show was bigger and more fabulous than the year before. But before we talk about how wonderful this show was.  I want to address those of you who complain that Chicago doesn't have opportunities for make up artists, like either coast does. These are also the people who do not come the the show. I hear oh $45-$50 for a ticket is too much money just to buy make up, or it is a waste of my time, excuse after excuse.  No the $45-$50 is not a lot of money, when you see what you get from it. #1 you get relationships, you network, make new friends and maybe some new opportunities that you complain you can get. There are classes that do cost money, but for the talent that gives the classes they are well worth the money. The Makeup Show has FREE seminars given by the likes of the beautiful Crystal Wright, the nicest hardest working most sincere person in this industry and pretty darn entertaining James Michael Vincent and another man just as wonderful and pretty darn cute! Michael DeVellis. These people give your they experiences, they share their knowledge freely. You can meet the people that make your cosmetics ask them questions. Find out tips and tricks from their vast knowledge. It is well worth  the money just to make relationships and new friends and maybe you will network with someone that may give you the opportunity you have been looking for. You will never know if you do not go the the show. I also see a lot of new makeup artist that have little to no makeup in their kit or all drugstore brands (oh I am not saying there is anything wrong with drugstore brands) because you have no money for the big names, well again the show has amazing discounts. The Makeup Show will be her again next year, so take an envelope and mark it the makeup show money and every week put 5,10, 20 dollars in it so by next year you will have money to come to this amazing show.

Stay tuned for the next segment about the Makeup Show, I will talk products, my top brands and my not so great experience with some.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mineral Make up and mature skin

At Fusion of Color we hear a lot "I can't wear mineral make up I am too old". Or "I have read that after a certain age you shouldn't wear mineral make up." Well ladies that is incorrect. Yes you can wear mineral make  up and look flawless. If you find the correct mineral make up you skin will look amazing.

The benefits of Fusion of Color mineral make-up are a smoother, softer finish and lightweight feel on your skin.  Fusion of Color foundations are gentle to the skin, and are unlikely to cause allergic reactions or skin breakouts. They also make blending and contouring much easier since the powder formula offers an airbrushed appearance on the  skin. Fusion of Color foundation and blushes do not need a lot of buffing into the skin to get a flawless look.

We use the finest ingredients to make the foundation look natural, but not dull or shiny on your skin just that beautiful natural look. Fusion of Color wants you to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it up.  You can apply the foundation with a brush for a more sheer look, a kabuki for coverage or a damp sponge for more coverage in the areas that need it. You control what coverage and how you want your face to look with our foundations.

We offer a large array of colors and have 2 formulas our best selling Original and our ever popular Posh line.  Our original line is for the women who wants coverage but more of a sheer look. The Posh line was designed for women that wanted more Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for  coverage but still that amazing flawless look and did we say it does not settle in those fine lines!! If you are tired of having your face itch, look shiny or cakey with mineral foundation, you have found the right place, Fusion of Color Cosmetics is for you. We  have samples to out before your buy, so you are not stuck with a full size of something that doesn't work for you and of course if you have any questions, please e-mail us at  and we will try our best to help you pick and choose what is right for you.

Come visit us at and if you place an order with us, put in the comments section you read our blog and we will send you some free samples.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make those eyes POP!!

Getting ready for our first ever make up class, I realized a lot of women don't know the correct color eyeshadow to wear to make your eyes pop. Yes I didn't either! I am from the old school where our make up matched our clothes, and it is a hard habit to break. But testing out new shades that we make here at Fusion of color Cosmetics, I have come to learn what colors work for me, and it does make a huge difference in your appearance. So doing some research for the class here are some tips I found on the web.

Blue eyes: With blue eyes, you should stay far away from blue eyeshadow. If you want you eyes to pop and look mesmerizing then try wearing earth-tones, such as browns with a slight purple base, taupe, and slate colored grays. If you want to have a little fun outside of the earth-tones, then try a nice rose colored eyeshadow. The coolness from the pink/purple eyeshadow will be a really nice contrast to your blue eyes.
One of those rules is that people with blue eyes should never wear any type of blue eyeshadow color. Wearing blue eyeshadow will make blue eyes look washed out. Is this true for you?
Recommendations are rich warm browns, warm taupes, soft peach colors and greys. Green may not look flattering it depends on how blue your eyes are, your skin tone and which green hue you use.
Pink, orange, peach, purple, coral, wine, gray, black undertones tend to emphasize blue eyes more. Also silver eyeshadow works really well with blue eyes unlike with brown eyes. Avoid any eyeshadow with blue-green undertones

Brown eyes:
 Brown eyes can get away with wearing almost any color of eyeshadow. But if you want you eyes to pop then try either green eyeshadow or pink eyeshadow. With brown eyes, you can also use blue eyeshadow, and if you have gold flecks in your eyes you may want to try an eyeshadow that has a gold shimmer to it. Brown eyes can even pull-off wearing brown eyeshadow, but be careful because certain tones can look muddy against your beautiful brown eyes.
You are lucky because brown eye colour is darker than any other natural eye colour so attention is naturally drawn to the eyes and it seems you can wear almost any color.
If you want to experiment, the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes are golden browns, blues, greens, greys, purples and burgundy. Avoid a yellowish brown colour.
Brown eyed people are pretty lucky in this regard as they can experiment with the most number of colors. From amber, slate grey, charcoal, copper to lavender, violet all suit brown eyes. Even eyeshadow shades like khaki, olive, dark brown and yellow shades like gold work well with brown eyes

Green/Hazel  eyes: In order to get green eyes to pop, you should try wearing various purple shades. The contrast in color to your eyes will make them seem more dramatic. If you want your eyes to stand out but look more natural, you may want to try warmer mocha brown shades or warm colors with slight orange undertones. Basic eyeshadow colors for green eyes would be earth tones with slight hints of gold, taupe colors, mocha browns, and lavender-purple shades. Since most green and hazel eyes has a variety of flecks, feel free to experiment with these colors so you can find the perfect one for your eyes.
Golden browns, warm taupes, deep purples, soft peaches, pink, gold and soft violets work well.
To find what brings out hazel eyes, look at the flecks of color near the pupil. This is my eye coloring and I find that copper looks stunning as well as a navy blue or green (as long as it is not too vivid).
Eyeshadow with red undertones like burgundy, maroon and colors like apricot, peach, plum, gray pops out and compliments the green of the eyes more than any other colors.

So one day when you have nothing to do and want to play make up try some of these colors on your eyes and see what a difference it make!

You can find all your make up needs at www.fusionofcolor,net

Friday, April 6, 2012

Eye Contour Serum

    I have another rave review for a Ten Image Professional product. The Eye Contour Serum. As you all know I like to try out new skin care, always on the look pout for something that works. They were having a promotion so I bought a few new things along with my all time favorite item the Facial Regenerator. I am always on the look out for a good eye product, well this fills the bill. When I got it I thought hmmm is it a light fluid, so what it is going to do. I only use it during the daytime, I apply it first on clean dry skin, let it soak in then I use an eye cream on top. But you don't  have to use an additional cream on top, it is moisturizing enough (for me) on it's own. My concealer and make up goes on over it smoothly and keeps my eye looking good all day. It does not after sometime like others make your eyes look dry.  My fine lines and wrinkles look really good after I wash my face, they have diminished somewhat. So I give this 2 thumbs up!!  I am almost out and will be ordering this item again.  I am having a make up class in a few weeks and will be using this on the girls.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Minerals Mate mixing palette

   Minerals Mate has come out with a new mixing palette. As you all know I love my original one, I use it everyday instead of mixing in the lid of the product. These were designed for mineral make up, but why couldn't you use creams or even liquids.  The new one is a bit more sturdy than the old one and comes in colors Red shown above and Black to the left. and they now has lids!! So if you mix a shade of foundation that you need you can mix it in this and just cover it. Or if you are a Make up Artist, I think this should be a must have in your kit. If you are on a set and have to make sure you have the same color everyday and you mixed it up, put it in the New Minerals Mate pop a lid on and you are good to go. These are great for travel, instead of taking all those jars, put in what you need pop the lids on and pack them. How about make up artists that do Bridal and you mix a color for the bride at her trial, this way you will have the exact shade she loved.  I am impressed with this new one. Molly A. Badgett, the creator of this product did a great job on the new version. I think it is a must have for everyone, since I am always telling you to have fun with your make up and mix and match and make your own unique colors.  We will be getting the new ones in in a few weeks. I haven't played around with the black one yet, but I think I do like the red better because of the white pots, I think the color would be more truer.  When we get them in we will have a sale on them as an intro price, these will cost more than the older version.

We did a video on it check it out. I do wing all my videos so enjoy!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Matte vs Shimmer

Watching QVC last night, Mally of Mally Beauty was on she was selling one of her kits. As they were presenting the kit she said something that has been debated by women applying their make up for years.She was presenting a highlight and blush glow kit. She said that we (more mature) women need some glow and highlighter on our face, THANK YOU MALLY!!!! I have been saying this for years, as we age we lose color in our face and become monochromatic. I have read and seen articles and make up companies say that after a certain age, I think I have read the magic age is 40 LOL!! you should never put shimmer on your face. Well, sometimes matte make up makes us look older (my opinion) because some matte make up looks very dry on the skin and has no movement.  I am not saying that you should wear super shiny and sparklie make up. If you think you face looks better with some shimmer and you are over the magic age then wear it, there are no set rules. If you look and feel great then go for it. Use a matte underneath the shimmer, if the shimmer is too much, you can tone it down, but it will still have some depth. The foundations we make are matte, but they have some movement to it, they do not look dull. We do not use anything that sparkles in ours like some do. Our blushes and shadows have shimmer to them, not over the top shimmer. You can buff the shimmer down if it is too much. You can also take your matte make up and add a bit of shimmer to it. I have found that if I take a foundation maybe 2 shades lighter than my normal color, and put on my face at the middle of the face, apply some on chin ad forehead. Then the normal color on lower part of face, then apply blush. My face looks brighter and much better!  You can also do you face with your foundation and just add a highlighter to those areas, play around and see if this work for you. There are no rules set in stone with applying make up, do what looks best on you.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Skin Care Yet again!!

I get a lot of women come up to my and say Oh your skin is so nice, what do you do. Or what do you sell that I can use t make my skin like yours. Well I go in to my speel about skin care and MY routine. I get the deer in the head lights look like this is way to much information, or I just want to buy something to use, or my all time favorite line well that is too much work and I am not going to do it. Why I am writing this is the last time this happened to me, I am answering this women and I can see in her face that she is getting annoyed , she tells me what do you have that I can use, and I tell her go to the website and see what I have, and try it I cannot tell you it will work we have waaay different skin. Then tells me she wants something cheap, she doesn't want to spend a lot of money.
I have had a skin care routine of some kind for 30 or more years. First of all I am not licensed to tell you what is wrong with your skin, or what to do. I can only tell you what I do and what I use. Here are my suggestions, go to an esthetician get a facial, they will tell you what you need to use. I hear well they are only there to sell their products and tell you you need so many treatments just to make money. Are they there to sell their services and products yes they are, a lot of them no their stuff and can point you in the right direction.  But you have to take a chance and start some where. My biggest tip is do not use soap on you face, get some facial products to lean your skin that are not soap!!  This maybe a long process for you, not all products work for everyone. Also have realistic expectations.   Just because I use it and works for me doesn't mean it will work for you.  You can get some very good skin line at reasonable prices, at QVC, HSN, ShopNBC, drugstore brands have evolved over the years.Go to the counters at dept stores and talk to someone, see if you can get samples.  If you buy something see if there is a return policy, use it like the directions tell you and see if your skin changes, if not return it. A lot of skin care companies now have trial paks to try great way to start out.  Get on Facebook and Twitter a lot of talented and knowledgeable people on it to talk to, but again if they do not see your skin they can only give you ideas and their views on products. Bottom line you have to be consistent in whatever skin care routine you use.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


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Sunday, February 5, 2012

At Home Facial Treatment

I get asked all the time about my skin. I do use a lot of things on it and experiment with new products that come on the market. One thing I do on a regular basis is get facials, a lot of us cannot afford them in this economy. Or where you live doesn't have a spa or salon that does facials. So I am going to show you how you can do one at home  with some of the great product we sell. You will have a initial investment but you can do a lot of  facials at home so they cost will even it self out. My favorite facial is with the pumpkin masque! First cleanse your skin we suggest the Premiere Cleanser it removes all traces of make up and leaves you skin silky smooth and soft.

Or you can use the Acne Cleanser  

Next we use the Marine toner  to get rid of all traces of the cleanser

Now comes the best part the Pumpkin Masque. Take a facial brush if you have one, spatula, or your fingers. If you use you fingers please put some in another bowl or on a plate then apply to your face. Apply a nice layer of the masque not too thick, leave on for about 10-15 min, it will tingle. If it tingles too much take off sooner. I take it off with a larger spatula,  a facial one, so what I do is scrape off the masque, then to remove what is left on the skin I take a warm wash cloth and remove the rest.

After that I usually use the Argon Oil, and oil my face. Let it soak in and leave on all night. You will wake up to the most amazing smooth, soft skin!!  You can also use the Serum instead, if you need more moisture apply the Facial Moisturizing cream and your favorite eye cream.

It sounds like a lot to do, but if you get into a regular routine it is all worth it! You skin will thank you.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

As January come to a close so does..........

The 10% Off discount our Color of the Year Mango Tango and matching Lipgloss Tango Magic, you have until January 31, 2012 to still take advantage of the offer.
We will be introducing a new color for February, it is a Bold, Bright Pink and matching lipgloss.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day Blogging

Hi everyone
Sitting here watching the snow come down. I thought I will fill you in on what is going on at Fusion of Color Cosmetics.  We have some exciting new things coming in for the new year. Of course we have our gorgeous Color of the Year Mango Tango and matching lipgloss Tango Magic.  So every month we will have the color of the month, wait until you see February GORGEOUS!!!! You ladies who love pink are going to love me. Of course there will be a matching lipgloss for it. We are going to bring in lip pencils. I did try my hand at making these myself and yes it was a disaster, so we will leave it up to people who know how! I have been wearing these for almost a year now and love them. They are creamy without being too slick so they don't slide around. You can wear them all over you lips with gloss over it or as a under base for your gloss or lipstick and the colors are beautiful, very wearable.    We also have an eyelash/brow treatment coming in. I have been using this product for 2 year now and love it. We at Fusion of Color are trying to bring you the consumer the best producs on the market we can find, besides our glorious minerals.  So follow us on twitter, facebook and join our newsletter which you can find on our facebook page or our website.