Monday, December 26, 2011

The new 2012 Color of the Year!!

 The new Pantone color of the year!!
CARLSTADT, N.J., Dec. 8, 2011 – Pantone LLC, an X-Rite company (NASDAQ: XRIT), and the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today announced PANTONE® 17-1463 Tangerine Tango, a vivacious, enticing hue, as the color of the year for 2012.

Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward.

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is an orange with a lot of depth to it,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

Over the past several years, orange has grown in popularity and acceptance among designers and consumers alike. A provocative attention-getter, Tangerine Tango is especially appealing in men’s and women’s fashion. Fashion designers featured in the PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2012, including Tommy Hilfiger, Nanette Lepore, Cynthia Steffe by Shaun Kearney, Elie Tahari and Adrienne Vittadini, are incorporating this attractive orange into their spring collections. A fun, lively take on a traditional autumnal hue, Tangerine Tango will surely carry through to fall fashion as well.
A winner in cosmetics because of its versatility, Tangerine Tango is a bit exotic, but in a very friendly, non-threatening way. Add a sultry flair to lips, cheeks and nails with Tangerine Tango. An unexpected eye shadow color, Tangerine Tango is a complementary opposite that flatters blue or green eyes. When paired with brown eyes, it brings out an amber cast.

We at Fusion of Color try and stay on top of the trend. So we are introducing our version of the Color of the Year for 2012.  It is a multi purpose loose mineral color called Mango Tango. It can be used for eye shadow or blush. We have a co-ordinating lip gloss called Tango Magic for a complete on Trend Look for 2012

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ten Image Facial Regenerator

I met this company on Facebook and won a discount coupon to use on their products. They carry a full line of make up and skin care and are located in the UK.  Since you all know I don't need makeup, but they do have some nice stuff on their site!! I went for the skin care, so I picked out the Facial Regnerator. 
      Exfoliating scrub rich in moisturising and repairing ingredients. It is formulated with natural particles which remove dead skin cells.
The facial regenerator contains shea butter, which protects and repairs the skin, avocado oil provides antioxidant vitamins A and E, while sweet almond oil provides the skin with a protecting layer.
Unit: 250ml.
(Travel size 50ml available)

 I love scrubs, so I thought let me try this one. Took about 7-10 days to get here from the UK.  I use scrubs in the AM, so tried this one out and WOW!!! It didn't have instructions, or I didn't see them LOL!! So I took some out of the tube and rub it on my face and it felt wonderful creamy not scratchy, massaged it on my face gently and rinsed off with warm water. The Facial Rengenerator came off easily with water, unlike some do. Then I took a wash cloth and wiped off what was left. My skin was super smooth and soft.   LOVE IT!!!! This will be one of my everday skin care items I use. You can also wet your hands and put somein your hands and massage onto your face, or wet your face and do it or use it on a dry face.  No matter how you use it it works. Lot of scrubs are rough or gritty this one is NOT. Good on the lips also. I think the Facial Rengenerator is a winner.  Here is a link to the website check them out,      Now you all know I did get some make up, so there will be a review of what I got!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Jeans Shopping Adventure

I am sure I am like everyone else, that you cannot find a good jean to fit. So I have been on the search to find  jeans that fit normal women not stick people!! I do get most of my jeans from QVC Demin and Company, they fit well and are long enough. J. Jill used to have a good selection of different types/styles of jeans that actual fit well. Of course when you find something you like they change it. I have tried the DG2 from HSN, the Levi Curve ID, and many. many more. Most of these I couldn't get past my knees and I bought some that had the fuller behind and leg cut and in a size or 2 bigger than what I wear. Come on now let's make clothes for women that actual fit women!!! I am not opposed to buying upwards of a $100.00 for jeans if they fit. So at Thanksgiving I was talking to a friend of mine said to go to Chicos. I have not been there in so many year, the sizing is way to confusing for my little brain.  So I went, #1 I hate to hunt down my clothes, I like nice neat rows with pants in one place, tops in another, jackets in another. Have you noticed I don't like shopping that much LOL!!! So I find a sales person and ask about sizing. She tells me what sizes to pick to try out, the first one again couldn't get to zip closed. So I tried the second size and I couldn't believe they fit and are long enough!! So of course I go look for another pair and couldn't find my size. But they had, get this pull on jeans. I kinda of chuckled when she told me that and said they sell a lot of them. So I figured what the heck worse case I can wear them to walk the dog or go grocery shopping. She also said that their jeans stretch a lot, may a full size. So I wore the pull on jeans the other day, I cannot believe how nice they are. BUT you need to wear a long top, because when I sat down the back of the jeans came down, for me too far. They did not stretch as much as she said if they did at all.  I also bought a top in the size she told me didn't try it on, fit beautifully. So I will be going back to Chicos for more clothes. Glad I took a chance and went there.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Gift with Purchase

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Fusion of Color Cosmetics

For a limited time only get a FREE Beautyblender Pure with a $75.00 purchase. A $25.00 value FREE!! This is the newest beautyblender to hit the market. It is white in color and the same great Beautyblender as the pink one. It comes with the new solid cleanser. PureTM is still the same amazing cosmetic applicator but without color. PureTM is simple. Perfect for delicate skin care as well as precision makeup application.
SolidTM is the travel friendly alternative to our original blendercleanser® liquid, providing the same cleansing results and the soothing lavender fragrance for your original beautyblender®applicators and make up brushes.
So be the first of your friends to get this new BeautyBlender Pure FREE with your order. (This deal ends 12/31/11)
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Inglot Eye Makeup Base

Waterless, Paraben Free  0.19 oz  $10.00
Eye Makeup Base
Since I was getting the Under Makeup Base, I thought I would try the Eye makeup Base against Urban Decay Primer Potion. Well it is different! When I opened the jar, it is not white like some and is very creamy. I thought hmmmmm this isn't going to work, but I will give it a shot. So I applied it to my eye with a dry beauty blender sponge, using the tip. You need very very little, it is creamy and does spread nicely. It does not cover like UDPP (I use that one in the color Eden) this one basically has no color when on the eye. It is sheer when on the eye.  So my next step is I always take some Finishing Powder and dust my eye, before applying shadow.  I applied my shadow then went on very smoothly, did the color grab like with UDPP no! but they did go on very nice. After my base color I did use a brighter color to see the staying power of this base. Was the color vibrant like with UDPP no, but you did get the true color of the shadow. Then added my liner color. So after 9-10 hours of being on my eyes yes the color was still there, still looked good after all that time. Faded a bit not much, but you have to expect wear with all primer and shadows. It did crease a bit, that is what I was afraid of with it being so creamy. Did it crease a lot like some I have used,  No, but it did crease a bit. The shadows did stay on, the colors were still there after  all that time.  Would I give up my UDPP for this no, it is a good product yes it is, better than most I have tried. Will test it out some more to give it a better review.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Inglot Make up Primer & Shadow Primer

Since I love primers!! Yes I think this should be a step before applying foundation of any kind.
I had to try Inglot, I bought the Under Makeup Base for 18.00  1 oz  Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Polysilicone-11, Dimethicone    

Inglot Under Makeup Base
Silky and smooth feel gel which is made by dispersing oil swellable sponge-like spheres in a mixture of silicones. Sponge-like spheres absorb the excess facial oil as much as available to reach a saturation equilibrium.Sponge-like spheres create a very strong mattifying effect by scattering the incoming rays of light in all directions and diminish the reflected light.
Wait 2-3 minutes before applying foundation or powder.

Since I love silicones in primer, of course I love this one. It is not a slippery (for lack of a better word)
as Smashbox or Glamcor. It is denser and is more matte than the other 2. You only need to use a small amount, spread it over your face and wait fr 2-3 minutes until it dries. Since I do my eye make up first this was not a problem.  Of course I use Fusion of color Mineral Make up with a damp Face Perfection Sponge. The mineral foundation glided on beautifully!!!! looked amazing, not cakey (and I  have a heavy hand) smooth, natural.  Does it control oil, from what I have read not really, but I am on the normal to dry side so it works well for me. I have had my make up on for 9 hrs so far and still looks really good.
So first impression of this primer is that it is a winner and for the price can't beat it.     You can buy Inglot on line at

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Minerals Mate Review

Let me start this review by saying I didn't not write it!! It was written by a fantastic Make up Artist Faith Haller. This was such a great review I asked if I could use it. Of course you can get yours at Fusion of Color after you read this review you will want one! 

I had the honor of trying out the Minerals Mate Mixing Palette! This is a great way to mix and experiment without messing up anything. It's a great sanitary way to avoid double dipping also! All the things you can do with this:
Flip your lids!
Give yourself room to play with your mineral makeup with a Minerals Mate application palette. Shake what minerals you need into the wells and have at it! The large wells are for your foundations, blushes and all-over treatments; the small wells are for eye colors and special-area minerals. Look, you're an artist (and no more messy lids)!

Mix it up or add shine
Sometimes, that fabulous eye color you got just needs a little tweaking to go with that outfit. Or, you want to add a little sparkle for the night. With a Minerals Mate application palette, you can change your mineral makeup for one use and save the original tones.

Make your own match
Can't find the right shade or coverage from your favorite brand of mineral makeup? Don't despair! Use a Minerals Mate application palette to mix your own shade or texture of foundation for a perfect match. It works great, too, for when you gain or lose that summer tan. You can purchase your own sifter jar, too, for storing your unique shades.

Finally, foil with ease
Foiling is the ever-so-fun art of adding water (or saline solution) to your eye color for that magnificent metallic look. With a Minerals Mate application palette, you can foil only a dab or two of your favorite eye shadows and keep your original tubs of product clean and dry.

Save makeup! Save money!
Ever dump too much makeup into the lid? How well does putting it back into the jar work for you? Use your Minerals Mate palette to store that leftover amount for the next application, slipping it safely and cleanly into its red palette pouch. You can also purchase a larger matching tote bag for storing and carrying your mineral makeup collection and tools.

Add key ingredients
Zinc oxide and sulfur (or sulphur) are just two natural ingredients in many specialty mineral makeup treatments. Using a Minerals Mate application palette, you can carefully sprinkle in these or other raw elements to meet SPF or anti-acne needs. Zinc oxide is used for UVA protection and sulfur is a natural anti-bacterial agent.

Wash your brushes
The thumb rest of your Minerals Mate palette doubles as a brush wash! Just fill it with water and a clean-rinsing shampoo or brush-washing product, and gently swirl your small brushes against the ribbed surface. The larger wells of the palette can be used for washing larger brushes. Our best tip: Wash your palette daily and your brushes weekly.

Be a less messy guest
Traveling? Invited to stay a few nights with a friend? Don't leave a mess on the vanity by spreading your dusty makeup powder all over the place! Just pack a Minerals Mate palette with you on your trip and leave behind you a nice, clean and, of course, beautiful reputation.

Here are Faith's links. CHECK HER OUT!!

You can find minerals mate at Fusion of Color Cosmetics

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New foundations for women of color

       Finally after a year of testing, they are finally here!! These are our first 4 colors. They do not turn ashy, as I have been told.  They are made with the best ingredients, as all or foundations are. We will have more colors coming  throughout the year. We are also testing some of our colors on women of color that are some of the best make up artists in the business. Before we sell them we want to make sure they work for all of you that have a darker complexion.   Please join our newsletter,
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

CND Shellac Update

Here is my update for CND Shellac LOVE IT!!!! I have been using it on a regular basis since April. As I said before took me a while to learn the correct application process. What I do is I wear it for the 2 weeks, sometimes it does come off before that, then I leave my nails with out the Shellac for maybe a week and make sure I oil them and use my Solar Oil.  I have not had any problems with my nails, as a matter of fact my nails are longer and have not broken, (here and there) as much as before I have used Shellac. So my opinion of the Shellac is I LOVE IT!!  The picture above is my collection of colors so far.  I do love Red Baroness, but I use the lighter colors more. Clearly Pink and Romantique are favorites. I did get the new fall colors, Purple Purple (don't know if I can rock this one LOL!!) Moonlight and Roses, and Zillionaire.  Yesterday I did the shellac on my sister, first time doing someones nails besides mine.  Need to practice my tips better.
The color I used on her is Gottcha. I haven't tried to layer colors yet, will experiment with that soon. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beauty Blender and New Fusion of Color Makeup Sponge review

We have found a new sponge on the market that we at Fusion of Color Cosmetics thought we would give a whirl. We try and give our customer the best products we can find and with the economy being in the shape it is in we try and find affordable alternates. As you know I love, love, love the beauty blender, I use it for just about everything. Yes it does work for mineral foundation. So when we found this new sponge we thought we would try it out.  
You can see they are shaped differently and the sponge on he left is denser and firmer than the Beauty Blender on the right. When dampened they both get larger, the sponge on the left does stay firm, but it can be
squished, squeezed,  push together too get in the tight places under the eyes, around the nose etc. the Beauty Blender is much softer and of course does get into those tight places with ease. I used the new one for a week and I do not wash my sponge every tine I use it. So after a week of use I washed both of them. I did use the Beauty Blender cleanser, some dye is still running out of my Beauty Blender after many washing, the new sponge washed up nicely. My self I have more control with the beauty blender than the other sponge. Maybe because it is smaller and softer I can squish it more to my liking. The beauty blender for one is 19.95. The new sponge, which I need to give a name to will be 7.50. Yes we will be carrying it in out line, since it is affordable and does work well. I think it is very similar to the Face Smoothie Sponge and  the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge sold at Target.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Glamcor - Glamour First Impression Primer

Glamcor is a newest and greatest company to join the beauty world. Shana King and Eric Kaiser are passionate and knowledgeable about the industry, and they are just nice people!  The have products for the make up artist, they have bags, light kits (wonderful), brushes (to die for), make up stations (on my wish list) and now they are venturing into cosmetics. The first product is called  GLAMOUR FIRST IMPRESSION Performance Primer

From their website:
      30ml      $38.00   When paired with our CONTOUR Brush we guarantee our primer will be the highest performing primer in the industry. The formula is hyper light, silky, 100% translucent, and will decrease the amount of cosmetics applications you need during the day.GLAMCOR considers skin primer the most critical step in the makeup application process. Our formula is designed to be the HIGHEST PERFORMING PRIMER IN THE INDUSTRY.
GLAMOUR FIRST IMPRESSION allows foundation to go on smoother and more evenly resulting in better looking and longer-lasting finishes.This product will not compete with foundations, shadows, or other cosmetic product. You will not have that oily shine later in the day, and your makeup payoff will increase significantly. It dries quickly (we recommend a dry time on 30 seconds before applying cosmetics on top).
****This formula can be applied by hand or brush. FOR THE ULTIMATE FINISH apply the primer with our GLAMCOR CONTOUR BRUSH to achieve the highest performing system. It has specifically been designed be further enhanced with the CONTOUR Brush.****

Well I love primers so of course I had to try this out. It is silicone based, for reference like Smashbox. but not as slick. It is clear and dries matte and smooth, not tacky or sticky at all.  So I tested it all week with our mineral foundation. Well when you apply the minerals they stay where they are applied!! You can buff them smooth, but you get  good coverage with the primer under neath. They lasted all day with blush and finishing powder over it. No creeping, no streaking. no cracking. I applied the primer with my fingers. Today I used our cream foundation over it, so far looks like I just put it on (has been 7 hours so far).

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Make up Show Chicago

I am a little behind in my blogging. So here goes. This was the first year that The Famous Make up Show came to Chicago. Thanks to the amazing, talented and funny James Vincent!!  It was a hit to say the least. Lots of great brand names like Inglot, Smashbox, Stila, Make up Forever, Embroylisse attended. Lots of make up artists talking about the industry, giving us insider tips and trick. There were workshop, seminars, education and of course shopping.  Some of the keynote speakers were Michael DeVellis, Crystal Wright, Joanna Schlip, Jinny Houle, Sam Fine, Reggie Wells, Johnny Lavoy and Maurice Stein. They had an all day workshop presented by one of the best Orlando Santiago.
Where can you take classes by these famous people Danessa Myricks, Kathy Argon, Johnny Lavoy, Jon Hennessey Eugenia Weston and  AJ Crimson.  You can ask them questions and pick their brains for their knowledge. I met so many wonderful and talented people like Jennifer James, Sherry Blossom, SanTara Cassmajor, Viola Nicholson and so many more I can't remember. Met friends from twitter which was so much fun. Saw old friend and made some new friends.      
   Here is some information on the

Friday, April 22, 2011

CND Shellac Review

As everyone knows I love new things, especially if they pertain to cosmetics/beauty industry. I heard so much about this nail polish called Shellac, lasts for 2 weeks, dries right away no waiting, so of course it peaked my interest. I do not have the greatest nails, they grow so far and crack at the sides of the nail and I have one that has a split down the center, whatever I use it will not go away. So basically I do not polish my nails or go for manicures anymore.

At The Americas Beauty how (ABS) in Chicago CND was there, so of course I had to stop and see what this was all about.  They had 2 big booths at the show and tables set  up doing manicures. So I asked a lot of questions about the products and how to use it. One would think I would have sat down and had my nails done to see how the systems works, but of course not,  So I bought the nail dryer, 3 polishes, base and top coat.

When I got home from the show I took it out of the bag, glanced at the instructions. I didn't have the right alcohol to use so I used what I had.
Took the dryer out of the box, had to put the lights in. Could not figure out how to do it hahahaa, this doesn't come apart that easily. So down to the computer to google CND and see ho this comes apart. FINALLY got it apart and set up.  Back up stairs to set it up and do my nails,  It has pre programed settings, again if I read the instructions I would have known. So I do the basecoat, set the timer on the stove for 10 sec, do the first coat, set the timer for 2 min, next coat 2 mins, topcoat 2 mins.  Hmmmm nails are still tacky!! I am thinking what the heck this stuff doesn;t work or what am I doing wrong.  So I am getting ticked go get the nail polish remover to get this stuff off, Well it doesn;t come off with regular nail polish remover, but the tackiness came off and my nails looked great. 

Now that I have finally read the directions and looked at different sites to see how this works, all I can say is that it does what it says it does.  The next time I did my nail, correctly I might add, I used Red Baroness beautiful red color and yes it lasted for 2 weeks with minimal wear at the tips.   I am really going to enjoy doing my nails now and need to get more colors. 

This link from Nail Magazine explains how the shellac system works:

Monday, March 21, 2011

My take on the O2B2 Beauty Tour

The O2B2 Beauty tour,Out of the Beauty Box Tour finally made it to Chicago this weekend. Saturday started with seminars Marketing yourself as a Makeup Artist,  the second Makeup Artist Contracts. Elessa also know as Pursebuzz gives you all the information you need to market yourself and Koren, aka Enkore Makeup, you tube guru extraordinaire, handled how to read a contract so you don't get taken advantage of. They give you knowledge that you cannot find on line or most people will not give out.  I did not take these classes but if you are new to this business I really think this would be something you need to know.
Bag of goodies
The second half of the day was Transitioning to Pro, which I probably should have taken.  I was the model for a few hours, the class covered step by step how to talk to your client, what questions to ask, then step by step make up application and how to do it correctly. I keep stressing the step by step thing and this is something I haven't seen to often in a class, they go thru things slowly and explain the reason for what you are doing. Then you get to do what they have told you on your partner, they walk around watch what you are doing and give you tips on how to do it better or what you are doing wrong.  They make sure you understand what they are teaching you and why you should know it.
Koren answering questions

  I know some girls think that these classes are too much money, but let me tell you, you get a bag of make up that is well thought out and everything you need, from make up, throw away item that you need, headband, brushes. You do not need to buy anything else when you leave the class to start applying make up!! The item they give you are ones that work for the business, they have used products upon products and know what works.  I have taken classes that you sit in a big room and the teacher is up front with a model and all you do is listen and look and have no idea (maybe a small idea) of what to do or what they are saying or referring to and NO GOODIES to bring home.
More cities are being added to the Tour, if ones comes by you PLEASE go to it, they give you enough time to save up.
 To check if they are coming to a city near you, click here

I will do another post about being in the class I took Bridal Make up and my  favorite Air Brushing!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

O2B2 Tour

If anyone is on the fence about going and taking these classes. Read this post by one of the Best Make up Artists in the business Melissa Street. The Chicago tour is this weekend and yes I will be there and we have some one to take pictures for the classes on Sunday.

click on the link below
In my professional opinion

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's that white stuff on my face...............................

in the picture!!!  We have all seen and probably been there, when we take a picture and our face is either glowing or has white streaks and or patches when we look at the picture. Yep our make up is probably the cause.  What brought me to thinking about this, I want to get back into doing make up, it has been a few years since I have done so on a regular basis.  Of course cruising all the web sites and seeing pictures of  some celebs with white streaks on their faces got me to wondering, is it really the make up!! So I googled this problem, love google you can find out almost everything you want to know.  Everything I read goes back to a make up problem. So of course I am going to experiment, I talked to a friend of mine, that does make up and ran a few things past her. Yes she confirmed my suspicions. The first culprit is a high amount of silica, and I love my silica. Fusion of Color does carry products that have silica as their first ingredient, as I think it does wonders as a finishing powder. So if you are using it everyday for work or play it is just fine and your face will look amazing during the day.

So this morning I experimented, I took a Finishing powder with the silica as the main ingredient, put some one and took a picture with and without flash (no I am not posting them LOL).   With flash I look like Casper the friendly ghost, without flash was fine. You cannot see this if you just look in the mirror. So I took our Diamond Indulgence Finishing Powder and put that on the other side that looked fine with or without flash. It does contain silica but it is the last ingredient on the list so there isn't much in it.

If you have a big day coming up that you need great photos for, I suggest you get a pro to do your make up before hand. This way you can see what it would look like for pictures so there are no surprises. These PRO make up artists are worth their weight in gold with their knowledge. Of course you will get some that don't know much, so do your homework for that big day.  If you decide to do your make up yourself, experiment and take pictures before the big event.

I will be doing more experimenting on this subject, Fusion of Color wants to bring you the best in make up that works for all occasions without any worry. I am taking a class with EnkoreMakeup (Koren) and Pursebuzz (Elessa) in March and of course I am going to pick their brains on this subject and others.

Update: I took our Aura Lusion Diamond Powder and used it with the stipple brush (That I recommend for it) and buff it into my skin, No Flare and or white streaks. So I thought hmmmmmm I took the Aura Tint Powder, which contains silica and buffed the other side of my face again using the stipple brush. A slight bit of glow not bad, so maybe it is in the appplication.  More experimenting this week. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Under Make Up Primers

Our make up tip is Under Make Up Primers.  I have been using them for years and I think they make a difference. If you use minerals, or cream/liquid/stick foundations they seem to hold the product on better.
The makeup primers are relatively new products on the market but now are gaining more and more popularity. Their goal is to prepare the skin for  the makeup application, they create a protective barrier between your moisturizer and your foundation for a longer- lasting, natural looking foundation application and wear.
Some moisturizers may interact with the foundation you are using either to change the color and or not make it last as long as it should. If you got to any department store and or make up/cosmetic store you will find an abundance of make up primers, with all different properties to suit what ever needs you are looking for.  Most of them have silicone in them, some are colored for priming and correcting the skin tone. Korres Age Reversing Primer is silicone free.  Here are some varieties from Sephora.   I found that some women like powder primers, like our Opulent Silk  and Pearl PowderLavish Silk Primer or our Oil Control Powder. These powders cna be used over or under you make up.  As with all other cosmetics you have to find the right fit for your needs

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

O2B2 Tour Make Up Classes

The O2B2 Tour with Koren (EnkoreMakeup) and Elessa (Pursebuzz)  Learn from 2 of the best people. They will show you how to apply make up and teach you new tips and tricks that they have learned over the years.
A day of fun and make up what else could you ask for!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Uncolored Bases for Mineral Foundation and other uses

Fusion of Color has 3 uncolored cream bases for use with our mineral foundations, eyeshadow or blushes. We feel instead of having a a lot of of liquid foundations that don't work you can make one that works for your skin and coloring. You can also use your existing line of mineral cosmetics also.

    Vegan Mousse Base is light, fluffy and feel weightless, absorbing quickly into the skin. Formulated for normal to dry skin types, and can double as a moisturizer with excellent overall coverage. For heavier coverage, a layer of loose mineral foundation can be buffed over the top. The Vegan base has been formulated to be completely free of animal products including free of beeswax. Please note: Our jars are filled by volume, and may settle due to the texture of the product Ingredients: Water, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Jojoba, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Cetearyl Glucoside, Xanthan Gum, vitamin e (soy based), phenoxyethanol.

    Matte Base offers medium coverage that is build-able. Oily skin will benefit from a balanced complexion throughout the day, without breakthrough shine. Carefully selected botanicals offer just the right slip, without feeling heavy, or clogging pores. Please note: Our jars are filled by volume, and may settle due to the texture of the product. Ingredients: Chammomile Hydrosol, Hazelnut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Xanthan Gum, Sunbleached beeswax, Sodium Borate, Vitamin E, phenoxyethanol.

    Cream Base provides coverage, plus a smooth, silky feel. This base is good for drier skin and more mature skin. We have also mixed this with the matte base for a nice combination of foundation. Please note: Our jars are filled by volume, and may settle due to the texture of the product. Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil, Jojoba, Purified Water, Beeswax, Borax, Vitamin E (rice-based), phenoxyethanol.

    Instructions on how to mix will come with the product. We like using 1/2 tsp of mineral foundation to 1/4 tsp of base. Them mix gentle in a larger container, keep the unused portion in the refrigerator to keep fresh. This amount should last a good 2 weeks with everyday use. If you use a plastic container to mix in, it will dry out, but you can always add more base to freshen it up. You can adjust the formula to what ever you like for you skin and coloring. We find that these bases do not change the color of the foundation as some do when you add them to the base. We also find that when we make ours using this ratio it looks a bit light, but it does warm up on your skin. We have used it for cream blush, we have taken what is left on the foundation brush, sprinkled out some blush and mix it together on the brush and dabbed it on our face. Have fun with this product, experiment with it and find out all the things you can do with it.

We have also taken the cream base and mixed ans approx  1/4  base to 1/4  minerals in a lighter color for an eyeshadow base.  You can also take an eyeshadow brush and dip it lightly into your premade base then sprinkle some shadow in a lid of plate and dip the brush into it smoosh it around or just dab it onto the brush and get a creamy shadow, with no fall out.
We have also added our Aur Lusion to the base with our mineral foundation, you can add whatever you like to the base to make your own customized and unique foundation.