Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Makeup Show Chicago 2012

The Makeup Show Chicago had lots of vendors this year. This show is a Make up Artist's dream.
I am going to review my favorite vendors, they were all wonderful and had awesome products to buy

Inglot has wonderful products, they have so much you don't know what to look at first. I heard they had colored mascara, so of course it was my second stop. this year they had order sheets to fill out to get your products, well you all know me, I don't like to wait LOL!! I got the attention of a darling girl and she helped me. Well I bought all colors sight unseen.  There are 5 colors Brown, Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Purple.
Well Inglot thought of everything the packaging is genius. The wording and lashes on the tube are the color of the mascara, so you can actual see what you are using. LOVE IT!

Senna Cosmetics another class company run by Eugenia Weston. A delightful, knowledgeable, approachable women. Her brow products are the best in the industry and are her other products.
She had a new brow palette that contains everything you will ever need. This and her brow fix and you are done.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is another first class company, the owner David Klasfeld has to be one of the nicest people ever!! He waited on me and told me about his new OCC Conceal items. I pre ordered them and got them this week. They are amazing as all OCC Products.  I also got a new OCC lip tar from the Blogger Event, it is an awesome red color called Radiate

A new vendor at the show was The London Brush Company, the owner (I have to apologize that I do not know her name) was so cute and the accent, to die for!  you had to like the products. Well the winner was the Brush Soap OMG! Everyone needs this brush cleaner, it is that awesome. I did get a few brush and they are really good.

The Boys from Frends Beauty Supply were a hit at the show with their Stilazzi Cases. Matt and Paul are both pretty darn good looking, which I am sure got all the ladies to their booth. But their cases are built for the makeup artist. Wonderful design and colors, of course I had to have one. I got the Going Topless in purple LOVE IT!!! You have to check out their website they have great products, besides the cases.
There were so many more great vendors at the show like one of my all time favorites Embryolisse.
Will do a more in detail blog post on the products I picked up at the show.
Now I understand that the show was packed BUT there we 2 vendors that were a bit snippy, MAC Pro and Make Up Forever. I know they were swamped both days but they don't need to talk down to their customers. I was not the only one that had a bad experience with them at least 5 girls said the same thing.   But all in all the show was AWESOME and cannot wait til next year.  My only other wish is that IMATS would come to the Midwest.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Makeup Show Chicago 2012

The windy city was host again to The Makeup Show Chicago. There were new vendors, new classes, new seminars. The show was bigger and more fabulous than the year before. But before we talk about how wonderful this show was.  I want to address those of you who complain that Chicago doesn't have opportunities for make up artists, like either coast does. These are also the people who do not come the the show. I hear oh $45-$50 for a ticket is too much money just to buy make up, or it is a waste of my time, excuse after excuse.  No the $45-$50 is not a lot of money, when you see what you get from it. #1 you get relationships, you network, make new friends and maybe some new opportunities that you complain you can get. There are classes that do cost money, but for the talent that gives the classes they are well worth the money. The Makeup Show has FREE seminars given by the likes of the beautiful Crystal Wright, the nicest hardest working most sincere person in this industry and pretty darn entertaining James Michael Vincent and another man just as wonderful and pretty darn cute! Michael DeVellis. These people give your they experiences, they share their knowledge freely. You can meet the people that make your cosmetics ask them questions. Find out tips and tricks from their vast knowledge. It is well worth  the money just to make relationships and new friends and maybe you will network with someone that may give you the opportunity you have been looking for. You will never know if you do not go the the show. I also see a lot of new makeup artist that have little to no makeup in their kit or all drugstore brands (oh I am not saying there is anything wrong with drugstore brands) because you have no money for the big names, well again the show has amazing discounts. The Makeup Show will be her again next year, so take an envelope and mark it the makeup show money and every week put 5,10, 20 dollars in it so by next year you will have money to come to this amazing show.

Stay tuned for the next segment about the Makeup Show, I will talk products, my top brands and my not so great experience with some.