Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Color Collection at Fusion of Color Cosmetics

Fusion of Color is proud to announce the  NEW 2012 Fall Color Collections, these collections have everything for a full face, 3 eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 lipstick, 1 lip gloss. The color are all made to co-ordinate together. We only offer it at the moment as a kit, we think it would make a great Holiday Gift for the makeup addict in your life!

 Collection 1 are warmer colors, more peachy pink and bronze colors. They are soft and light, very wearable for everyday. As all our products can be used wet or dry.  The blush in this collection Dramatic has gotten to be a favorite of mine. (click on picture it will take you to the product on the website)


Collection 2 the colors are more towards the cooler side and a bit darker than Collection 1. The lipstick in this collection looks very dark, but it isn't.  This collection also is very wearable for everyday and can be used wet or dry.  

Set the Stage Primer

When I hear Makeup Artist raving about products I have to check them out.   When they rave about a makeup primer my ears perk up. I love make up primers and if you wear make up you should be using a primer underneath it. Primers go over your moisturizers and before makeup, they smooth out lines, fill in pores and some acne marks, but their purpose is to give you a smooth surface and hold the make up on that you are applying.  I have tried a lot of primers and always go back to Smashbox or one I bought from a private label company.  So of course when I heard about Set the Stage Primer by Whip Hand Cosmetics of course I had to check it out. I met the owner in one of the forums I am on and I like to support other women in the business and women I talk to int he forums I am in. Well let me tell you this blows Smashbox out of the water, I don't know how Riese makes this but WOW!!

It is not a large container, but you do not need much.  I have been using mine since maybe end of August, September and it is half gone and I use it everyday and probably use more than I should. The price is 36.00 and yes I am sure you think that is way to much I can get other cheaper. Yes you can but this works and it is worth the money.

When you wear mineral foundation as I do, (and we hope you are wearing Fusion of Color Cosmetics foundation) some primers tend to change the color of it or make it streaky, cakey  of sometimes you have patches wear the primer grabs more than other places.  Well not this one, you do not need a lot and of course I probably use more than I should LOL!! You smooth it on your face and it just gives you that smooth, flawless canvas you need. Our foundation just glides over it and the results are long lasting, does not crease during the day and keeps the colors true. But we also make a great foundation!!
 Fusion of Color is hoping after the first of the year we can add this to our website, because we like to find products for you that work and do what they say.

You can get it at Whip Hand Cosmetics

Stilazzi Brushes

Frends Beauty Supply had a sales and of course I couldn't help getting new brushes. Since I love my Stilazzi Going Topless Case, I had to try their brushes. I got the Angle Brush,Smudge Brush,Sculpt Brush and Crease Brush. These brushes are well made, they have long handles (which I am not a fan of). They average 6 1/2" to 7" long. Since I generally only apply loose minerals,  I have found these brushes to work very well with them. They hold the minerals in the bristle, apply the color true to form. I do find some brushes change the color of the shadow I am working with.

The smudge brush I  use to do a softer liner and more of a smokey effect. I like the bristles are short and compact. 

The crease brush again dense bristles, soft not stiff bristles. I use this for apply in the crease, puts the minerals where you want then. You can do a precise line or a more blended line with this brush.

The Sculpt brush, I have only used this one so far to do the crease in my eye, haven't played with it much. The head of this brush is more round compared to the crease brush which is more tapered  As with the other brushes has shorter bristles and hold the minerals in the brush and is not a stiff brush.

Now my favorite brush the Angle brush, since everyone knows I am liner challenged among other things. This brush works wonderfully doing a thin line. The bristles are flat and angled and a little stiff but still soft enough not to hurt your eye. I use it wet to line with and the line comes out thin and crisp.  I have not used it yet on my brows but I am sure it would work well there also. I think if a MUA is looking for a brush to do precise lines this is the one.

They wash up well keep there shape, I do recommend these brushes if you are looking for some new ones to add to your set. 
You can find these brushes and lots of other things at Frends Beauty Supply