Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make those eyes POP!!

Getting ready for our first ever make up class, I realized a lot of women don't know the correct color eyeshadow to wear to make your eyes pop. Yes I didn't either! I am from the old school where our make up matched our clothes, and it is a hard habit to break. But testing out new shades that we make here at Fusion of color Cosmetics, I have come to learn what colors work for me, and it does make a huge difference in your appearance. So doing some research for the class here are some tips I found on the web.

Blue eyes: With blue eyes, you should stay far away from blue eyeshadow. If you want you eyes to pop and look mesmerizing then try wearing earth-tones, such as browns with a slight purple base, taupe, and slate colored grays. If you want to have a little fun outside of the earth-tones, then try a nice rose colored eyeshadow. The coolness from the pink/purple eyeshadow will be a really nice contrast to your blue eyes.
One of those rules is that people with blue eyes should never wear any type of blue eyeshadow color. Wearing blue eyeshadow will make blue eyes look washed out. Is this true for you?
Recommendations are rich warm browns, warm taupes, soft peach colors and greys. Green may not look flattering it depends on how blue your eyes are, your skin tone and which green hue you use.
Pink, orange, peach, purple, coral, wine, gray, black undertones tend to emphasize blue eyes more. Also silver eyeshadow works really well with blue eyes unlike with brown eyes. Avoid any eyeshadow with blue-green undertones

Brown eyes:
 Brown eyes can get away with wearing almost any color of eyeshadow. But if you want you eyes to pop then try either green eyeshadow or pink eyeshadow. With brown eyes, you can also use blue eyeshadow, and if you have gold flecks in your eyes you may want to try an eyeshadow that has a gold shimmer to it. Brown eyes can even pull-off wearing brown eyeshadow, but be careful because certain tones can look muddy against your beautiful brown eyes.
You are lucky because brown eye colour is darker than any other natural eye colour so attention is naturally drawn to the eyes and it seems you can wear almost any color.
If you want to experiment, the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes are golden browns, blues, greens, greys, purples and burgundy. Avoid a yellowish brown colour.
Brown eyed people are pretty lucky in this regard as they can experiment with the most number of colors. From amber, slate grey, charcoal, copper to lavender, violet all suit brown eyes. Even eyeshadow shades like khaki, olive, dark brown and yellow shades like gold work well with brown eyes

Green/Hazel  eyes: In order to get green eyes to pop, you should try wearing various purple shades. The contrast in color to your eyes will make them seem more dramatic. If you want your eyes to stand out but look more natural, you may want to try warmer mocha brown shades or warm colors with slight orange undertones. Basic eyeshadow colors for green eyes would be earth tones with slight hints of gold, taupe colors, mocha browns, and lavender-purple shades. Since most green and hazel eyes has a variety of flecks, feel free to experiment with these colors so you can find the perfect one for your eyes.
Golden browns, warm taupes, deep purples, soft peaches, pink, gold and soft violets work well.
To find what brings out hazel eyes, look at the flecks of color near the pupil. This is my eye coloring and I find that copper looks stunning as well as a navy blue or green (as long as it is not too vivid).
Eyeshadow with red undertones like burgundy, maroon and colors like apricot, peach, plum, gray pops out and compliments the green of the eyes more than any other colors.

So one day when you have nothing to do and want to play make up try some of these colors on your eyes and see what a difference it make!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Eye Contour Serum

    I have another rave review for a Ten Image Professional product. The Eye Contour Serum. As you all know I like to try out new skin care, always on the look pout for something that works. They were having a promotion so I bought a few new things along with my all time favorite item the Facial Regenerator. I am always on the look out for a good eye product, well this fills the bill. When I got it I thought hmmm is it a light fluid, so what it is going to do. I only use it during the daytime, I apply it first on clean dry skin, let it soak in then I use an eye cream on top. But you don't  have to use an additional cream on top, it is moisturizing enough (for me) on it's own. My concealer and make up goes on over it smoothly and keeps my eye looking good all day. It does not after sometime like others make your eyes look dry.  My fine lines and wrinkles look really good after I wash my face, they have diminished somewhat. So I give this 2 thumbs up!!  I am almost out and will be ordering this item again.  I am having a make up class in a few weeks and will be using this on the girls.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Minerals Mate mixing palette

   Minerals Mate has come out with a new mixing palette. As you all know I love my original one, I use it everyday instead of mixing in the lid of the product. These were designed for mineral make up, but why couldn't you use creams or even liquids.  The new one is a bit more sturdy than the old one and comes in colors Red shown above and Black to the left. and they now has lids!! So if you mix a shade of foundation that you need you can mix it in this and just cover it. Or if you are a Make up Artist, I think this should be a must have in your kit. If you are on a set and have to make sure you have the same color everyday and you mixed it up, put it in the New Minerals Mate pop a lid on and you are good to go. These are great for travel, instead of taking all those jars, put in what you need pop the lids on and pack them. How about make up artists that do Bridal and you mix a color for the bride at her trial, this way you will have the exact shade she loved.  I am impressed with this new one. Molly A. Badgett, the creator of this product did a great job on the new version. I think it is a must have for everyone, since I am always telling you to have fun with your make up and mix and match and make your own unique colors.  We will be getting the new ones in in a few weeks. I haven't played around with the black one yet, but I think I do like the red better because of the white pots, I think the color would be more truer.  When we get them in we will have a sale on them as an intro price, these will cost more than the older version.

We did a video on it check it out. I do wing all my videos so enjoy!!