Sunday, December 30, 2012

My favorite gadgets for 2012

You all know I love my gadgets, so these 2 are my favorite for 2012. The NutriBullet and The Food Saver Handheld.   I have a lot of kitchen appliances, love to try out new things. I do have a Vita Mix which its on a shelf so I thought why do I need the NutriBullet, so my rationing was since my husband has arthritis I can make him drinks for inflammation. I can come up with reason to buy anything LOL!!   I bought this from Target in case I didn't like it I could return it. So I finally got it and started making drinks and loved it. I am not a big vegetable eater or fruit eater. So I figure good way to get me to have these things. I have made a few drinks that were god awful, so when I make one I like I write it down. Do I feel better,  somewhat, maybe it is that I am thinking I am getting the nutrients I need and it can't hurt us.  So on to the Food Saver Handheld.  For me these 2 work hand in hand, I can use half and apple or half of this or that and seal it up for the next day. Also works great for keeping cheese after you open the package and  other perishables,  These were 2 good buys this year. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Name that Green Contest

The new color of the year for 2013 is GREEN. So we are having a Name that Green contest.
This will be the our new color of the year, it is an everyday color green, more of a cool green that a warm green color.   When you wet line it is does have a blue undertone and I have found out depending on the brush and the mixing medium you use it could be more of a green color than a bluish green.  For the contest like our facebook page and then tell us what the name should be.  I am going to have 1 section for the names, so please put them in that section. We will write them all down on pieces of paper and out them in a hat and Hubby will choose one. I will video it and announce the winner on 12/31/12. So you will win the color of the year and a eyeshadow brush.  So here is the color you will be naming!  

The brush that will go along with the shadow (the shadow will be our mini size .50 gm in a 3 gm jar)
is this one!  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Emerald City Look

Another beautiful new look by Nikki you can find more looks at her blog and you find her on facebbok   If you lioke her looks you can also order them at she has her own section with all her looks.

1. Apply a base colour all over lid up to the brow bone. I used Fusion of Colour "Bone".

2. With a stuff dome brush apply a mid-tone brown just in the crease. Blend slightly up. I used Fusion of Color "Twig".

3. With an angle brush I applied Fusion of Color "Pea Pod" on the inner lash line. Continue the liner with Fusion of Colour "Emerald City" and wing it out. Blended the two colours together where they meet.

4. Line water lines with black gel liner. I used "Blackest Black" by Maybelline. Smudge the same green tone e/s on the lower lash line that reflect the top liner.

5. With a small shadow brush pat on a light shimmer shadow to the pocket of the eye & to the highest point of the brow bone. This will brighten and make your eyes pop. I used Fusion of Color "Silk".

6. Apply your favorite mascara and your ready!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review of our Perfect Canvas Primer

I like to send products out to Makeup Artists and of course regular consumers to test them out for us. I sent Faith Haller a sample of our primer because I know she runs our products thru all kinds of testing. So here is her review of our Perfect Canvas Primer, she also came up with uses for it I never thought of! Her facebook page is and her website is  She does makeup and does graphics for if you need brochures, business cards and such check her out and if you need you make up done.

This Review is long overdo but I've had it long enough to test it in every way. This is a new Silicone Primer that I had the honor of trying from Fusion of Color. Thank you Kathy Hess Duncan for allowing me to test this. It's a true honor. So as I said I've tried this in many ways. Of course it's a primer that you use to apply before makeup. It gives a wonderful new canvas. It's a great line filler for those that may have wrinkles or an uneven surface it make it easy for your foundation to glide on and gives you a smooth finish and surface. I've used this in many ways. I've used it for my brows. I'm very particular about my brows and most times if not wearing makeup my brows will always be done. So for longevity I would apply this primer to my brow and whatever product I add on top whether it may be cream/gel/powder/wax whatever it may be this primer made it effortless to apply. Also it's a great way to lay stubborn hairs down with a spoolie. One of my main problem areas is around my nose and under my eyes. I have a natural bag under my eyes that I was born with. The Primer fills that area sort of like a new skin. And around my nose I've always had some form of irritation there. The texture would be a little rough even after exfoliation so adding primer there smooths everything. It's also good for removing shine and I use it as a lip primer. My lip products would last so long because of this primer. I absolutely love it and would recommend this product to anyone and would recommend that you add this to your kit. I've also used it sort of like a medium for mixing my powders which is nothing new. I've done this technique before but never with a primer like this. For those that don't like loose powders but you want the matte finish mixing your loose powders with this would help a lot.