Saturday, May 30, 2009


We have a new line of products coming out called Aura-Lusion. It is made with the newest ingredient for blurring fine lines and wrinkles on the market today. We think it is better than the big name ones, but of course we are partial. We have sent out test samples and most of the reviews were very favorable, you will be able to read the comments on the website once we launch this item.

"This new ingredient manipulates incident light by converting invisible UV light to blue light (photoluminescence) and selectively scattering favorable blue and green light. The particles settle in the wrinkle and subtly illuminate a blue glow which decreases the appearance of wrinkles. This leads to youthful looking skin as the appearance of shadows, wrinkles, pigmentation and discolorations are diminished"

Don't be alarmed you face doesn't look blue LOL!!! it is very very subtle look, even hard to tell, but you look better but can't pin point why. You face looks very smooth and even, not cakey, if you have trouble with your foundation looking cakey you can add this to it and it should smooth out the look.

We will sell this clear like MUFE and MAC and will include this ingredient in a line of foundation, finishing powders and possible concealers.

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