Friday, October 23, 2009

The Artist Summit Part 2

The next day I had a Color Theory Class with Kevin James Bennett, for all of you who do not know who he is here is a little bit about him. He is also sooo charming!!
Multiple Emmy Award winner, Kevin-James Bennett, has spent over 20 years honing the skills that have brought him accolades from his peers as well as viewers of his work in television, film and print projects. After a long and successful career in the industry, he is excited to join MAKE UP FOR EVER as U.S. Director of Artistry and Development. Kevin's love affair with make up was ignited by ground-breaking make up artist Way Bandy's beauty book "Designing Your Face," which initially inspired him to journey into the world of make up. His passion was further intensified by the dawn of the Supermodel in the 80's, as he was fascinated by the intense media focus on these catwalk superstars and the celebrity status of the artists who created their looks. He worked closely with society and celebrity clientele, and made his first foray into TV by assisting the salon's stylists during television make over segments filmed there. Noting his speed and technical expertise under pressure, the television studios began to book him directly to work on a variety of shows. In the early 90's, Kevin's career began to take off and he left the arena of retail make up. Fashion runway, print and television bookings filled his schedule.

This class taught us how to make any color foundation using a few things that MUA keep in their bag.  I was total amazed at  how this was done. The man is a genius with foundation and a few colorants. I was very confused about color theory but this class spelled things out in a way that I could even understand.
Since the class was using liquid foundation, I am going to try and take the information I learned to apply it to using minral make up when I do a client. I have to make come color additives or toners so I can tweak the foundation for some one sitting in my chair. This way I can have a color for anyne who needs their make up done. So will be practing on some suspecting customers.  The class was over so fast but again we did learn some tricks and tips from one of the Masters of the Make Up Artist World.

Next installment I will be telling you what I bought at the show, yes they had an area for shopping. My favorite part of the 3 days.

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