Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Shopping from the Artist Summit

This will be mainly about eyebrows. Even if you don't wear make up or want to be natural and just wear a touch of make up, you need to have your brows groomed!!!  Girls, bushy brows or unkept brows are not a good look on anyone.  If you can't do it yourself find a good salon/spa go to a counter at a big department store but have them done.  Now back to my shopping, as I was getting ready for the summit, I needed to have my brows done, as everyone who knows me knows how I am about my brows LOL!!!
I make my appointment to get them dyed (yep they are so light you can hardly see them) and shaped.
So I am lying on the chair and I hear OH NO!!!! not a good thing to hear when some one is waxing your brows.  Do I panic, somewhat so I ask do I have a brow left???? I keep hearing I am sorry, still don't know exactly what happened. Well a few hairs got waxed by mistake, my brows are somewhat sparse, so even losing 1 hair makes a gap. So here I am trying to look my best and have a nice gap in my brows.
As I get ready for the Summit, I fix my brows as best as possible.

At the Summit Senna Cosmetics is there. They were my very first leap into the brow shaping arena.I had my brows first done at a Senna counter at Marhsall Fields and have been hooked ever since. I got to met Eugenia Weston owner of Senna Cosmetics such a gracious women.Now you would think I would make my own brow colors, but no.  Since my hair color changes so much, that's another story, I have a lot of different eye brow colors I use.  While at the summit I was checking out the brow kit from Senna. This kit is a good beginning for some one getting into brows. The kit comes complete with everything you will need. The one at the show had everything, brow color, tweezers, scissors, gel, brow stencils. Girls brow stencils can become your best friend if you use them properly.  The kit I got was the Neutral one, this way if I am doing make up on a client I have the basic colors I need without trying to mix and match one.  So if you haven't got your brows done and have been thinking about it, ask your friends where they go get some recommendations and have it done you will not regret it.

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