Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Matte Eye Shadows

We have a few new items on the site, but these are my favorite for right now at least. I like a matte base to put on after primer on my lids.  You can use foundation, finishing powder, whatever works for you. I like using  matte eye shadow.  This give you a nice base for your color, this keeps (at least for me) the shimmer shadows down to a nice low shimmer look. Fusion of Color doesn't do really shimmery/sparkly eyeshadows anyway, but for me this just look better on my eyes. The new colors are Dawn (Light Pink), Bone (Light Beige) and a mix of the 2 (made this by accident) Bisque (Light Beige/Pink).

  We have a few new shimmer colors Lemon Drop (light shimery yellow), Spirit a bit darker light shimmery yellow, Ice Fairy (cool shimmer blue) and Dusty this one is hard to tell, looks gray, then looks taupe, has a hint of green. I like this for a smoky eye and for lining.  We have made our first new Spring Blush, since coral will be big this Spring - Summer Season, we made a coral blush, that is still in the testing stage.  So look out for that one!!

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musiclover said...

Those are pretty. Less is really more at times. I definitely can hear several of those calling my name!