Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ryka Fitness Walking Shoe

For some reason I am into walking, fitness, exercise shoes lately.  Don't ask me I don't do any of those things LOL!! I was  watching QVC and saw the Ryka Fitness Walking Shoe as a TSV. These shoes are one of those tone as you walk version. This is the information from QVC:

 Tone while you walk. Whether you're walking as part of your daily workout or just as part of your daily life, these Ryka fitness walking shoes help you get more out of every step--and you can get them here first! They're exclusive to QVC until 10/15/2010.

On-trend treads. When it comes to footwear, the fitness shoe is the next big thing. If you've been thinking about trying a pair, now is the time to step up. Great for any beginner who wants to introduce exercise into her lifestyle, these Rykas are also ideal for the active woman who wants to expend a little more energy during her existing walking routine.
These shoes rock! Featuring rocker technology, the soles of these shoes have a negative heel that makes you work harder to move forward versus a traditional Ryka walking shoe. When your heel hits the ground, you'll feel a stretch in your Achilles tendon and calf that goes all the way up the back of your body. Then, as your foot is propelled forward, you'll experience the same comfort and support of a traditional Ryka walking shoe.

So they arrive and sit in the box for a week. This week end I decide well let me try them out and see if they are going back.  They fit really well, so I am impressed.  I take off on my walk, yes they have a different feel to them, they do rock, I figure ok I am probably going to trip and fall walking with these on, so first trip around the park, I got the feel of them, after the third trip around the park, the back of my leg and my butt was getting sore. Ok these are a keeper, wore them today for my walk and they are soooo comfortable, even wore them when I walked Rosie. 
Ladies if you were thinking about these, give them a try they work and you can always send them back.

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