Sunday, January 9, 2011

Under Make Up Primers

Our make up tip is Under Make Up Primers.  I have been using them for years and I think they make a difference. If you use minerals, or cream/liquid/stick foundations they seem to hold the product on better.
The makeup primers are relatively new products on the market but now are gaining more and more popularity. Their goal is to prepare the skin for  the makeup application, they create a protective barrier between your moisturizer and your foundation for a longer- lasting, natural looking foundation application and wear.
Some moisturizers may interact with the foundation you are using either to change the color and or not make it last as long as it should. If you got to any department store and or make up/cosmetic store you will find an abundance of make up primers, with all different properties to suit what ever needs you are looking for.  Most of them have silicone in them, some are colored for priming and correcting the skin tone. Korres Age Reversing Primer is silicone free.  Here are some varieties from Sephora.   I found that some women like powder primers, like our Opulent Silk  and Pearl PowderLavish Silk Primer or our Oil Control Powder. These powders cna be used over or under you make up.  As with all other cosmetics you have to find the right fit for your needs

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