Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's that white stuff on my face...............................

in the picture!!!  We have all seen and probably been there, when we take a picture and our face is either glowing or has white streaks and or patches when we look at the picture. Yep our make up is probably the cause.  What brought me to thinking about this, I want to get back into doing make up, it has been a few years since I have done so on a regular basis.  Of course cruising all the web sites and seeing pictures of  some celebs with white streaks on their faces got me to wondering, is it really the make up!! So I googled this problem, love google you can find out almost everything you want to know.  Everything I read goes back to a make up problem. So of course I am going to experiment, I talked to a friend of mine, that does make up and ran a few things past her. Yes she confirmed my suspicions. The first culprit is a high amount of silica, and I love my silica. Fusion of Color does carry products that have silica as their first ingredient, as I think it does wonders as a finishing powder. So if you are using it everyday for work or play it is just fine and your face will look amazing during the day.

So this morning I experimented, I took a Finishing powder with the silica as the main ingredient, put some one and took a picture with and without flash (no I am not posting them LOL).   With flash I look like Casper the friendly ghost, without flash was fine. You cannot see this if you just look in the mirror. So I took our Diamond Indulgence Finishing Powder and put that on the other side that looked fine with or without flash. It does contain silica but it is the last ingredient on the list so there isn't much in it.

If you have a big day coming up that you need great photos for, I suggest you get a pro to do your make up before hand. This way you can see what it would look like for pictures so there are no surprises. These PRO make up artists are worth their weight in gold with their knowledge. Of course you will get some that don't know much, so do your homework for that big day.  If you decide to do your make up yourself, experiment and take pictures before the big event.

I will be doing more experimenting on this subject, Fusion of Color wants to bring you the best in make up that works for all occasions without any worry. I am taking a class with EnkoreMakeup (Koren) and Pursebuzz (Elessa) in March and of course I am going to pick their brains on this subject and others.

Update: I took our Aura Lusion Diamond Powder and used it with the stipple brush (That I recommend for it) and buff it into my skin, No Flare and or white streaks. So I thought hmmmmmm I took the Aura Tint Powder, which contains silica and buffed the other side of my face again using the stipple brush. A slight bit of glow not bad, so maybe it is in the appplication.  More experimenting this week. 


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