Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Jeans Shopping Adventure

I am sure I am like everyone else, that you cannot find a good jean to fit. So I have been on the search to find  jeans that fit normal women not stick people!! I do get most of my jeans from QVC Demin and Company, they fit well and are long enough. J. Jill used to have a good selection of different types/styles of jeans that actual fit well. Of course when you find something you like they change it. I have tried the DG2 from HSN, the Levi Curve ID, and many. many more. Most of these I couldn't get past my knees and I bought some that had the fuller behind and leg cut and in a size or 2 bigger than what I wear. Come on now let's make clothes for women that actual fit women!!! I am not opposed to buying upwards of a $100.00 for jeans if they fit. So at Thanksgiving I was talking to a friend of mine said to go to Chicos. I have not been there in so many year, the sizing is way to confusing for my little brain.  So I went, #1 I hate to hunt down my clothes, I like nice neat rows with pants in one place, tops in another, jackets in another. Have you noticed I don't like shopping that much LOL!!! So I find a sales person and ask about sizing. She tells me what sizes to pick to try out, the first one again couldn't get to zip closed. So I tried the second size and I couldn't believe they fit and are long enough!! So of course I go look for another pair and couldn't find my size. But they had, get this pull on jeans. I kinda of chuckled when she told me that and said they sell a lot of them. So I figured what the heck worse case I can wear them to walk the dog or go grocery shopping. She also said that their jeans stretch a lot, may a full size. So I wore the pull on jeans the other day, I cannot believe how nice they are. BUT you need to wear a long top, because when I sat down the back of the jeans came down, for me too far. They did not stretch as much as she said if they did at all.  I also bought a top in the size she told me didn't try it on, fit beautifully. So I will be going back to Chicos for more clothes. Glad I took a chance and went there.

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