Sunday, February 5, 2012

At Home Facial Treatment

I get asked all the time about my skin. I do use a lot of things on it and experiment with new products that come on the market. One thing I do on a regular basis is get facials, a lot of us cannot afford them in this economy. Or where you live doesn't have a spa or salon that does facials. So I am going to show you how you can do one at home  with some of the great product we sell. You will have a initial investment but you can do a lot of  facials at home so they cost will even it self out. My favorite facial is with the pumpkin masque! First cleanse your skin we suggest the Premiere Cleanser it removes all traces of make up and leaves you skin silky smooth and soft.

Or you can use the Acne Cleanser  

Next we use the Marine toner  to get rid of all traces of the cleanser

Now comes the best part the Pumpkin Masque. Take a facial brush if you have one, spatula, or your fingers. If you use you fingers please put some in another bowl or on a plate then apply to your face. Apply a nice layer of the masque not too thick, leave on for about 10-15 min, it will tingle. If it tingles too much take off sooner. I take it off with a larger spatula,  a facial one, so what I do is scrape off the masque, then to remove what is left on the skin I take a warm wash cloth and remove the rest.

After that I usually use the Argon Oil, and oil my face. Let it soak in and leave on all night. You will wake up to the most amazing smooth, soft skin!!  You can also use the Serum instead, if you need more moisture apply the Facial Moisturizing cream and your favorite eye cream.

It sounds like a lot to do, but if you get into a regular routine it is all worth it! You skin will thank you.


Vicki - aka- LVMAKEUP said...

I love the eye cream it is amazing!! I plan to purchase more items from this line!
Thanks for sharing!

Royal Beauty Designs said...

This was a very informative post. I love skin care products and I'm always looking for new techniques and products. thanks. :-)

Mac said...

Jamie said...

Love this blog, these products are another breakthrough and I will try this.

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