Sunday, March 25, 2012

Matte vs Shimmer

Watching QVC last night, Mally of Mally Beauty was on she was selling one of her kits. As they were presenting the kit she said something that has been debated by women applying their make up for years.She was presenting a highlight and blush glow kit. She said that we (more mature) women need some glow and highlighter on our face, THANK YOU MALLY!!!! I have been saying this for years, as we age we lose color in our face and become monochromatic. I have read and seen articles and make up companies say that after a certain age, I think I have read the magic age is 40 LOL!! you should never put shimmer on your face. Well, sometimes matte make up makes us look older (my opinion) because some matte make up looks very dry on the skin and has no movement.  I am not saying that you should wear super shiny and sparklie make up. If you think you face looks better with some shimmer and you are over the magic age then wear it, there are no set rules. If you look and feel great then go for it. Use a matte underneath the shimmer, if the shimmer is too much, you can tone it down, but it will still have some depth. The foundations we make are matte, but they have some movement to it, they do not look dull. We do not use anything that sparkles in ours like some do. Our blushes and shadows have shimmer to them, not over the top shimmer. You can buff the shimmer down if it is too much. You can also take your matte make up and add a bit of shimmer to it. I have found that if I take a foundation maybe 2 shades lighter than my normal color, and put on my face at the middle of the face, apply some on chin ad forehead. Then the normal color on lower part of face, then apply blush. My face looks brighter and much better!  You can also do you face with your foundation and just add a highlighter to those areas, play around and see if this work for you. There are no rules set in stone with applying make up, do what looks best on you.


Danielle MUA said...

Bobbi Brown was on the Today show last week saying the same thing and I agree wholeheartedly. Why do people think that once a woman reaches a certain age that she should all of a sudden be drab and boring? "Happy 40th birthday! Blow out the candles and here's your housecoat" NO! Brighten those eyes, color those cheeks and paint those lips. Maturity should be celebrated, not accentuated.

rachael said...

I absolutely agree with your post! It's refreshing to read this - as there are no rules to making oneself feel better. Although I will say, there is a difference between glittery makeup and shimmery ones. Shimmer adds that 'glow from within' look we all want to achieve. Celebrate the age you feel!