Friday, April 6, 2012

Eye Contour Serum

    I have another rave review for a Ten Image Professional product. The Eye Contour Serum. As you all know I like to try out new skin care, always on the look pout for something that works. They were having a promotion so I bought a few new things along with my all time favorite item the Facial Regenerator. I am always on the look out for a good eye product, well this fills the bill. When I got it I thought hmmm is it a light fluid, so what it is going to do. I only use it during the daytime, I apply it first on clean dry skin, let it soak in then I use an eye cream on top. But you don't  have to use an additional cream on top, it is moisturizing enough (for me) on it's own. My concealer and make up goes on over it smoothly and keeps my eye looking good all day. It does not after sometime like others make your eyes look dry.  My fine lines and wrinkles look really good after I wash my face, they have diminished somewhat. So I give this 2 thumbs up!!  I am almost out and will be ordering this item again.  I am having a make up class in a few weeks and will be using this on the girls.


john petter said...

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Constance Schofield said...

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