Friday, September 25, 2009

Make up Application Tips

We are going to be posting some make up applications tips, so if there is something you want to know about let us know. I was talking to a good friend of mine and she said she just learned how to do tightlining.

So I thought our first tip should be about tightlining. I love the way tightling makes the eye look, your lashes look so lush when you do this technique. So here we go.

The big differences between regular eyeliner application and tightlining is that you line your lashes from beneath instead of above, you put the color underneath and in between your eyelashes instead of on top. Tightling
gives the allusion of thicker lashes and a more defined eye.

You can use a gel liner, there are some made just for beneath the lashes like Smashbox,or you can use Mac Fluidliners, you can also use a pencil Tarte makes some just for lining the inner rim of your lashes. I like using a gel, it is easier for me to work with, just find one that you are comfortable with. Now the brush is another item that is important in this application, you can use a flat brush or and angle brush. Nothing to hard, make sure the brush is stiff enough to hold the gel liner but not too hard to scratch your eye. Please be careful!!! Same thing goes for a pencil if you want to use a regular eye pencil like a kohl pencil, make sure it is not too hard and scratch or hurt your eye.

You need a good mirror, magnifying perferable, especially if you are old like me and can't see. Now once you get comfortable, get your prefered product, if you are using a gel, take your brush, dab it into the liner pot, not getting too much on the brush, you can always add more.
Holding the brush vertically upwards stabilize your hand against your cheek or your elbow against a surface.
Take a finger on your opposite hand, gently lift the center of your eyelid to expose the underside of your lashes.
Looking into the mirror, gently push eyeliner into the base of your eyelashes from below. Now this may take a bit of getting use to push and wiggle the brush into your lashline rather than swiping from side to side.
If you are sometimes lazy like I am in the AM and always running late. I just line the underneath part of my lid. I use short strokes as not to take off the liner as I am swiping. Also works well with a pencil and it pretty quick. You get the somewhat the same effect.

This techniques does take sometime to get used to doing, but well worth it. Then apply your liner above the lashes add mascara and you eye will be so defined and beautiful.

So if you like this tip and would like to see more, please leave us a comment.

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