Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Review for our Women of Color

Dawn of Brooklyn,NY is a lady of color and she tried out our Lusion line of powders. Here is what she had to say about them

I got the samples and I have been trying them out and here is my feedback. The Clear Lusion on my skin gives a matte effect personally it would be a great powder for my combination skin when its summer time and you wear less makeup and you need just a small amount as it might look ashy if you apply too much I used a stippling brush to apply The Sheer Dark is just that sheer and gives the skin a nice veil look. The Lusion Powder Dark could be worn as a light powder instead of foundation as it gives heavier coverage of the three I like all three and women of color can defnately wear these. I have Venus Williams complexion and they worked on my skintone so they should work for deeper skintones. I hope you will consider in future to include deeper shades of mineral foundation for us women of color(smile) this is a very nice form of powder. I will definately be back toget some full sizes when i run out of the samples. Thanks and take care DW, Brooklyn, NY

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