Saturday, April 24, 2010

Face Charts

This is our first attempt to show you how to apply the Summer Collection. This set is very versatile.
Left eye has Champagne Matte as a base, then Surf Lined about the lash line and Tan lines lined about that you can do it either wet or dry and smudge as you like. Cheeks we did a mix of Summer of Love Blush with a bit of Tan Lines.
Right Side: Eye is a base matte color (light) your choice, with Surf on the lid, Tan Lines in the crease, highlight color of your choice and lined with Tan Lines wet.  Cheeks are Tan lines in the hollow of the cheek with Summer of Love Blush over it
Lips are Summer Mist Lipstick 

Left Eye:  Dawn Matte Shadow All Over, Tan lines in Crease and on lid. Cheeks Summer of Love Blush
Lips: Walk in the Park Lipstick
Right Eye: Got a little crazy here, Matte Base Color (Light) Sand applied all over lightly, Surf on top of lash line, Tan Lines in crease and Sand under brow area.  Cheeks a mix of Summer of Love Blush with Sand.
Lips Walk in the Park Lipstick

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