Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Now that we cleaned our brushes time to do our faces!!!

Now that our brushes are clean, let's not forget the most important part our face!!

You need to get that make up off at night, you shouldn't sleep in your make up, I don't care how tired you are get that make up off your face.  There are a lot of good products on the market to clean the make up off. I love cold cream, some others are (these are my favs) Philosophy Purity Made Simple, gets off everything, then I use the  The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash in the AM. I use the Purity Made Simple with the other favorite cannot live with out item the Clarisonic.
I only use the Clarisonic at night to take off the make up and my skin has never looked better.  Another good cleanser of course is Première Cleanser (93% Organic) from jeune d' âge organics. You can also just use the toner pads Marin Toner (98% Organic) in the morning to clean off the night residue/dirt on your skin.

We think that a good mask at least once a week is a must for good skin, again there are so many on the market in different price points. We have been using and do recommend the Pumpkin Masque, it cleans your skin and your face looks so refreshed and smooth.  Experiment with them for your skin type and find one that you like and take one day a week for your special SPA day at home. Treat yourself,  your skin wll thank you for it.

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