Monday, March 21, 2011

My take on the O2B2 Beauty Tour

The O2B2 Beauty tour,Out of the Beauty Box Tour finally made it to Chicago this weekend. Saturday started with seminars Marketing yourself as a Makeup Artist,  the second Makeup Artist Contracts. Elessa also know as Pursebuzz gives you all the information you need to market yourself and Koren, aka Enkore Makeup, you tube guru extraordinaire, handled how to read a contract so you don't get taken advantage of. They give you knowledge that you cannot find on line or most people will not give out.  I did not take these classes but if you are new to this business I really think this would be something you need to know.
Bag of goodies
The second half of the day was Transitioning to Pro, which I probably should have taken.  I was the model for a few hours, the class covered step by step how to talk to your client, what questions to ask, then step by step make up application and how to do it correctly. I keep stressing the step by step thing and this is something I haven't seen to often in a class, they go thru things slowly and explain the reason for what you are doing. Then you get to do what they have told you on your partner, they walk around watch what you are doing and give you tips on how to do it better or what you are doing wrong.  They make sure you understand what they are teaching you and why you should know it.
Koren answering questions

  I know some girls think that these classes are too much money, but let me tell you, you get a bag of make up that is well thought out and everything you need, from make up, throw away item that you need, headband, brushes. You do not need to buy anything else when you leave the class to start applying make up!! The item they give you are ones that work for the business, they have used products upon products and know what works.  I have taken classes that you sit in a big room and the teacher is up front with a model and all you do is listen and look and have no idea (maybe a small idea) of what to do or what they are saying or referring to and NO GOODIES to bring home.
More cities are being added to the Tour, if ones comes by you PLEASE go to it, they give you enough time to save up.
 To check if they are coming to a city near you, click here

I will do another post about being in the class I took Bridal Make up and my  favorite Air Brushing!!

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