Friday, April 22, 2011

CND Shellac Review

As everyone knows I love new things, especially if they pertain to cosmetics/beauty industry. I heard so much about this nail polish called Shellac, lasts for 2 weeks, dries right away no waiting, so of course it peaked my interest. I do not have the greatest nails, they grow so far and crack at the sides of the nail and I have one that has a split down the center, whatever I use it will not go away. So basically I do not polish my nails or go for manicures anymore.

At The Americas Beauty how (ABS) in Chicago CND was there, so of course I had to stop and see what this was all about.  They had 2 big booths at the show and tables set  up doing manicures. So I asked a lot of questions about the products and how to use it. One would think I would have sat down and had my nails done to see how the systems works, but of course not,  So I bought the nail dryer, 3 polishes, base and top coat.

When I got home from the show I took it out of the bag, glanced at the instructions. I didn't have the right alcohol to use so I used what I had.
Took the dryer out of the box, had to put the lights in. Could not figure out how to do it hahahaa, this doesn't come apart that easily. So down to the computer to google CND and see ho this comes apart. FINALLY got it apart and set up.  Back up stairs to set it up and do my nails,  It has pre programed settings, again if I read the instructions I would have known. So I do the basecoat, set the timer on the stove for 10 sec, do the first coat, set the timer for 2 min, next coat 2 mins, topcoat 2 mins.  Hmmmm nails are still tacky!! I am thinking what the heck this stuff doesn;t work or what am I doing wrong.  So I am getting ticked go get the nail polish remover to get this stuff off, Well it doesn;t come off with regular nail polish remover, but the tackiness came off and my nails looked great. 

Now that I have finally read the directions and looked at different sites to see how this works, all I can say is that it does what it says it does.  The next time I did my nail, correctly I might add, I used Red Baroness beautiful red color and yes it lasted for 2 weeks with minimal wear at the tips.   I am really going to enjoy doing my nails now and need to get more colors. 

This link from Nail Magazine explains how the shellac system works:

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