Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beauty Blender and New Fusion of Color Makeup Sponge review

We have found a new sponge on the market that we at Fusion of Color Cosmetics thought we would give a whirl. We try and give our customer the best products we can find and with the economy being in the shape it is in we try and find affordable alternates. As you know I love, love, love the beauty blender, I use it for just about everything. Yes it does work for mineral foundation. So when we found this new sponge we thought we would try it out.  
You can see they are shaped differently and the sponge on he left is denser and firmer than the Beauty Blender on the right. When dampened they both get larger, the sponge on the left does stay firm, but it can be
squished, squeezed,  push together too get in the tight places under the eyes, around the nose etc. the Beauty Blender is much softer and of course does get into those tight places with ease. I used the new one for a week and I do not wash my sponge every tine I use it. So after a week of use I washed both of them. I did use the Beauty Blender cleanser, some dye is still running out of my Beauty Blender after many washing, the new sponge washed up nicely. My self I have more control with the beauty blender than the other sponge. Maybe because it is smaller and softer I can squish it more to my liking. The beauty blender for one is 19.95. The new sponge, which I need to give a name to will be 7.50. Yes we will be carrying it in out line, since it is affordable and does work well. I think it is very similar to the Face Smoothie Sponge and  the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge sold at Target.

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