Sunday, September 11, 2011

CND Shellac Update

Here is my update for CND Shellac LOVE IT!!!! I have been using it on a regular basis since April. As I said before took me a while to learn the correct application process. What I do is I wear it for the 2 weeks, sometimes it does come off before that, then I leave my nails with out the Shellac for maybe a week and make sure I oil them and use my Solar Oil.  I have not had any problems with my nails, as a matter of fact my nails are longer and have not broken, (here and there) as much as before I have used Shellac. So my opinion of the Shellac is I LOVE IT!!  The picture above is my collection of colors so far.  I do love Red Baroness, but I use the lighter colors more. Clearly Pink and Romantique are favorites. I did get the new fall colors, Purple Purple (don't know if I can rock this one LOL!!) Moonlight and Roses, and Zillionaire.  Yesterday I did the shellac on my sister, first time doing someones nails besides mine.  Need to practice my tips better.
The color I used on her is Gottcha. I haven't tried to layer colors yet, will experiment with that soon. 

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