Saturday, October 22, 2011

Inglot Eye Makeup Base

Waterless, Paraben Free  0.19 oz  $10.00
Eye Makeup Base
Since I was getting the Under Makeup Base, I thought I would try the Eye makeup Base against Urban Decay Primer Potion. Well it is different! When I opened the jar, it is not white like some and is very creamy. I thought hmmmmm this isn't going to work, but I will give it a shot. So I applied it to my eye with a dry beauty blender sponge, using the tip. You need very very little, it is creamy and does spread nicely. It does not cover like UDPP (I use that one in the color Eden) this one basically has no color when on the eye. It is sheer when on the eye.  So my next step is I always take some Finishing Powder and dust my eye, before applying shadow.  I applied my shadow then went on very smoothly, did the color grab like with UDPP no! but they did go on very nice. After my base color I did use a brighter color to see the staying power of this base. Was the color vibrant like with UDPP no, but you did get the true color of the shadow. Then added my liner color. So after 9-10 hours of being on my eyes yes the color was still there, still looked good after all that time. Faded a bit not much, but you have to expect wear with all primer and shadows. It did crease a bit, that is what I was afraid of with it being so creamy. Did it crease a lot like some I have used,  No, but it did crease a bit. The shadows did stay on, the colors were still there after  all that time.  Would I give up my UDPP for this no, it is a good product yes it is, better than most I have tried. Will test it out some more to give it a better review.

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