Saturday, July 17, 2010

Argan Oil

We have a new item from Jeuene D'Age 100% Pure Argan Oil. I have been using it a night for about a week now. My face feels very smooth and my under eye lines look pretty dang good!!  I have been using it in place of my eye cream.  This is a good oil to use after the pumpkin peel to complete your facial. I have also been using it on my hands and my arms for a moisturizer and around my nails.  My arms and hands do not look as dry so I will continue to use this and see what happens. I am hoping this helps my nails, my nails are very dry they split and crack a lot.  So I will keep you all updated on this wonderful new oil.

Here is some information on Argan Oil
Apply in small amounts. Argan oil is a complex blend of natural compounds like fatty acids (80%), polyphenols, antioxidants, carotenoids and other acids. Benefits of Argan oil for the health and treatment of the skin are:

Argan oil fights wrinkles due to premature aging, in particular crow’s feet (wrinkles under the eyes).

The presence of Squalene helps keep skin soft. Due to degeneration our skin loses its softness and tightness which are one of the most apparent symptoms of aging. Argan oil fights against these degeneration effects.

Because of the abundance of Vitamin E, much more than other natural oils, Argan oil is good for reducing skin irritation and minor ailments.

Great as a simple moisturizer in small amounts.

Argan oil helps to regulate sebum production and keeps it to a manageable level which makes it just as good for oily skin. Sebum is the substance secreted by sebaceous glands, which keeps the skin wet and protects against dryness. But in excess, sebum is bad for the skin and can cause acne.

Argan oil helps to prevent stretch marks on skin made by pregnancy.

Argan oil is frequently used in the treatment of skin conditions like Acne, Chickenpox and Psoriasis.

Because of the protein content the oil is also very good for the elasticity of skin. It strengthens the protein bonding structures in the skin that works to tighten the skin.

Also great for cuticles, the oil gives strength to weak nails. It can also strengthen the delicate skin at the root of nails and makes it smooth.


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