Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lancome Genifique Update

So here is my update on Lancome Genifique, nice products. Did I see a difference in 7 days NO!!
The eye cream is very nice, kept my eyes moisturized, didn't interfere with make up. The serum is rich and luxurious, sank into the skin. My skin did feel nice and soft.  They do have some fragrance to them, don't know why skin care companies do that. Nothing bad but has a slight fragrance.  
Is it worth the money, I don't know. I am sure if you looked around you could find something less expensive to do the same thing.  

Will find more thing to review, I have some new Embroylisse creams. Love this company. I also have some brand new Adesign brushes coming in to test out.

Have an nice 4th of July Holiday!!

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