Saturday, July 10, 2010

This weeks recap!!

Hi Everyone
I am sure everyone has had enough of this heat and humidity. We have been a little busy this week. We got in out new shipment of Juene D'Age Skin Care, new package very classy!! We will be talking about the 2 new products in the next few weeks. One of them we will talk about today, the Acne Cleanser, I do not have acne but of course I test out everything, to make sure we are selling you a good product.  Since I was up so early this AM, I am still trying to make WOC foundations, these have been a project for me.  I just don't want to throw something together and give you a so so product.  But I think I've got it. I am going to have a WOC ladies day here at the house to test out the colors, so I am hoping I have some winners in the bunch. But getting back to the Acne Cleanser.  I am also testing out some new brushes, will be talking about those also in the upcoming weeks.  I was testing one of the new brushes this am to see it's versatility.  I did my foundation, blush and finishing powder with it.  I was told that I do not make BRIGHT eye shadows, so these will be coming down the line shortly.  So I made a yellow one this AM called Lemon Zest. I have that on my eye lids. I put that one with no primer under it to see how long it will last on just skin. So far it has been on since 8:30 AM. I needed to see how a couple of the new WOC foundations apply, making sure they aren't to draggy, since I have no one to test them on, the victim was ME.  A wonderful look of Bright Yellow Shadows, some of my foundation and blush and partially dark foundation colors on each cheek.
I needed to wash my face and thought a good test for the Acne Cleanser, took 5-6 pumps in my my fingers rubbed them together, applied it to my face it was very creamy, then I just dampened my fingers and applied the wet fingers to the cleanser on my face, the acne cleanser took off all that make up!!  I followed it up with the Marin Toner and not a trace of dark foundation left on my face, did not dry out my face either. So first impression is a good one.

In the next few weeks we will be reviewing the new brushes and the new Argan Oil.

Have a great rest of the week end!!!

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