Friday, December 28, 2012

Name that Green Contest

The new color of the year for 2013 is GREEN. So we are having a Name that Green contest.
This will be the our new color of the year, it is an everyday color green, more of a cool green that a warm green color.   When you wet line it is does have a blue undertone and I have found out depending on the brush and the mixing medium you use it could be more of a green color than a bluish green.  For the contest like our facebook page and then tell us what the name should be.  I am going to have 1 section for the names, so please put them in that section. We will write them all down on pieces of paper and out them in a hat and Hubby will choose one. I will video it and announce the winner on 12/31/12. So you will win the color of the year and a eyeshadow brush.  So here is the color you will be naming!  

The brush that will go along with the shadow (the shadow will be our mini size .50 gm in a 3 gm jar)
is this one!  

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